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1 Card Q&A

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1 Card Q&A is a powerful way to give a private reading with the use of a single playing card.

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Whether you’re new to cold reading or a seasoned pro, 1 Card Q&A will enhance your ability to give perfectly accurate readings to strangers you’ve never met.

This 40 minute MP3 audio is has THREE different unwritten question answering methods. Each for a different situation.

Docc Hilford has teamed up with Brazil’s premiere mentalist, Leonardo Silverio to build THREE entirely new system for single card readings.

This incredible new system enables you to:

   •  Discover a question merely thought of by a sitter

   •  Force a question into the sitter’s mind

   •  Force a sitter to accept your answer as perfect

1 Card Q&A is based on a direct method so it’s easy.


BONUS ONE - 1 Card Q&A Practice Cold Reading System.

If you want to learn amazingly accurate cold reading techniques, but don’t have a memory that can keep two dozen readings at your instant disposal, use this system. You can learn one reading at a time. Because YOU FORCE A QUESTION into the mind of the client!

BONUS TWO - A full Docc Hilford detailed cold reading for you to learn and deliver.

You can instantly apply the above mentioned system with this full length reading.


Having the Syndrome Deck Doccinar is extremely helpful, but NOT essential. If you can peek, glimpse, force or secretly know the identity of a playing card, you can perform 1 Card Q&A.

   Q: Can the different routines be used in a private reading?

   A: Yes. In fact, it’s really geared for one-on-one performances.

   Q: Can I do it on stage with more than one person?

   A: Yes. Some pros are doing that right now.

   Q: Will it work with Tarot cards?

   A: You bet!

   Q: Are the routines usable in a walk around or table hopping scene?

   A: Absolutely! Restaurant workers who would have never done a “reading” at a table are now using these routines.

   Q: Can I do it if I can’t give a reading?

   A: You’re able to give the perfect answer to any question by using routine number 3, whether you can give a cold reading or not. You force the sitter to accept your answer as perfect!

   Q: I’m a magician who’s interested in adding some mentalism to my show. Can I use this with magic?

   A: It’s so strong it will outshine most magic tricks. But it certainly can be done in any type of show.

   Q: Do I have to own the Syndrome Deck MP4?

   A: It’s recommended, but everything you need to know is in the update.

1 Card Q&A is not a card trick. It’s a system that you’ll use for life. It can be used to establish rapport or high value with your clients.

Professional or amateur, 1 Card Q&A is a tool you should have ready in your tool box of instant mentalism miracles.

The perfect compliment to the Syndrome Deck, because it takes the question revelation demonstrated on the Syndrome Deck Doccinar and teaches you how to do so much more.


1 Card Q&A (MP3)


1 Card Q&A Followup Call (MP3)

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