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13 Monkeys Doccinarthumb

13 Monkeys Doccinar

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A secret gimmick that allows a mentalist to make up to three predictions on three separate billets come true.

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How can a mentalist apparently predict a true FREE CHOICE?

No forces nor persuasions; a completely free choice.

If he could write what will happen on a paper and leave it on the table, to be picked up and read by the subject – that would be great.

But if he could write 3 DIFFERENT predictions and ALL 3 were correct – that would be FANTASTIC!

13 Monkeys will provide a gimmick and routine that allows a mentalist to predict with:

  • A FREE choice
  • No forcing
  • No P-Writing
  • No Swami
  • No impressions
  • No One Ahead or Behind
  • No stooges
  • No misreading or miscalling
  • No duel reality
  • The 3 billets aren’t switched
  • YES! A spectator can put his finger on a billet right after you write it – then read it – YOU NEVER TOUCH IT!
  • YES, 3 billets have predictions – not just one
  • YES, your hands are in view – not shoved into your pockets
  • YES, you can do this at almost any time.
  • YES, it’s great for IMPROMPTU
  • YES, it’s perfect for close-up
  • YES, it can be done on stage
  • YES, it’s self contained
  • YES, the billets reveal a FREE choice, but also an action or random event!
  • Whatever you want to predict BECOMES the truth!

13 MONKEYS is a super improved gimmick that you’ll never be without.


When the basic idea was introduced to mentalists, Ted Annemann thought so much of the secret, he showed it only to 3 people – and they were his family!

He said it should be one of three foundations for a mentalist – An impression device, a swami writer and one of these!

The basic premise has long been forgotten and rarely used.

But today, Docc Hilford has advanced the idea so far that Annemann would be fooled!

EFFECT 1:  Mentalist writes 3 separate predictions. A spectator freely chooses a card from a deck he shuffled. He notes it and shuffles it back into the deck.

He opens the billets himself. They predict the card’s color, suit, value and even where in the deck he shuffled it to!

EFFECT 2: Same as above – but NO CARDS ARE USED! Just an imaginary deck!

EFFECT 3: Mentalist writes 2 predictions. A spectator chooses a coin from a row of a dozen or more. He flips it and notes heads or tails. He opens the papers and they predict BOTH the coin AND heads or tails!

EFFECT 4: Mentalist predicts the sex and any chosen name of an unborn baby! All imagined in the minds of the audience. No name cards or baby books – just imagination!

EFFECT 5: Mentalist predicts the casino, the amount of the bet, the game, and the outcome on billets. A spectator pantomimes going to a casino, and placing money on a roulette bet. Your predictions are ALL 3 CORRECT! Everything happens in the imagination of the audience!

You can use props like cards, coins, small objects, a book or photographs.

Or you can do everything in the audiences’ imagination!

The secret is with the 13 MONKEYS!

This gimmick is easy to construct in about 10 minutes with materials you probably already have around the house or office.

13 MONKEYS is demonstrated and explained in a 35 minute video.

You also get detailed handlings and routines in over an hour of MP3 audio recording.

PLUS, there’s a full follow-up conference call answering questions and adding tips from those who bought and use 13 MONKEYS. This call is recorded for playback any time. (A $19.00 Value)

All for only …$39


13 Monkeys (MP3)


13 Monkeys Followup Call (MP3)


13 Monkeys Video (MP4)

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