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Advanced E-Board Techniques

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Advanced E-board Techniques is a complete overview of how to use any major impression device with an emphasis on electronic data collection devices.

Electronic delivery

A lot of mentalists these days are using electronic transmission devices. They're easy to use, but have one major flaw...


That's right.

Every issue of Sky Mall has electronic clipboards, pads and even erasable whiteboards that broadcast to your computer.

To fool the public with these e-toys takes a little clever thought. 

Docc Hilford has just published an hour long video lecture, ADVANCED E-BOARD TECHNIQUES, where he explains...

• 3 rules to keep the E-Method undetected

• How to psychologically distance yourself from the device

• How to refocus the audience's attention away from the device

He also fully discusses...

• How to hide the receiver

• How to disguise the receiver

• How to read the receiver in front of the audience

• Even how NOT to read the device


Several original Docc Hilford tricks using an e-board in ways that hide the e-method.

Book Test, ACAAN, Number Prediction, Headline Prediction, Two Person Silent Code, Jet Set, Audience Participation and even Q&A, and more.

Docc uses a Maxiboard erasable e-board to demonstrate the effects, but the lecture is for any type of electronic writing device.

• E-pads,

• E-whiteboards,

• E-chalkboards,

• E-clipboards,

• E-miniboards

Use of almost any impression device will benefit from this lecture, ADVANCED E-BOARD TECHNIQUES.

Order now and get 10% off any E-White Board, E-Chalk Board or E-Clipboard purchased from

(A $300.00 value!)


Many of the effects can be performed with other methods like a center tear or billet switch, but work amazingly with an E-Board. 


Advanced E-Boards Technique Video (MP4)


Bonus E-Board 3 Tricks with E-Boards (PDF)

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