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Boudoir Bill Divination Pro Packagethumb

Boudoir Bill Divination Pro Package

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The Boudoir Bill Divination is an easy to do anytime reading of a serial number on a borrowed bill. You can use this stand-up or on stage.

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Boudoir Bill Divination is easy, organic and packs a punch. It’s an easy, impromptu way of having your audience remember that a guy crumpled up a dollar and you told him what the serial number was!

Of course a little more goes on that that, but if you have a dollar bill, you can do this trick. Docc explains how.

Docc demonstrates how you can perform this amazing feat in a bar, restaurant or as the opening for your next show. He discusses the history, detailed methodology, multi-country presentations, the deeper psychology of the effect and advanced presentational tips.

He even includes a couple of bonus tricks during the Doccinar.

Over an hour long, this is one fun Doccinar.

And the clean effect is sure to become your favorite method of dollar bill divination. Another instant download MP4 for only $39.


Boudoir Bill Divination Video (MP4)


Boudoir Bill Divination Upgrade #1 (PDF)


Boudoir Bill Divination Upgrade #2 (PDF)

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