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Boudoir Card Reading Pro Package

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A wish is written on the back of a business card and buried, by the spectator, in a block of business cards used by others previously. The mentalist INSTANTLY knows what was written. There are no reflectors, impressions or window gimmicks. The entire group of business cards can be handed to the spectator IMMEDIATELY after the written card is place in the center of the pack!

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Early last year I took some time to play with a new method of question reading techniques. I wanted something so simple and direct that it could be performed repeatedly as walk-around. I worked out what I wanted and began using it right away. Boudoir Card Reading was born.

I shared it with restaurant entertainer, Brian Curry of Washington DC. And the routine Brian added was both funny and entertaining. As he put it to me, “I can’t do any other tricks when I do this bit. They dismiss the funny magic stuff in favor of the ‘real’ thing I just did.”

Brian not only gave me his complete patter to share with you, but also his perfect handling. Here’s the effect in essence. You hand the subject a business card from a handful. They write a thought, a dream, or brief question on the back and push it into the middle of the stack. Apparently without ever touching it, you know the information on the card! Really. It happens so fast, so smooth and so stealthily that it will even fool you as you do it.

Brian also included a couple of priceless subtleties. As an advanced student of Bob Fitch, Brian has a theatrical reason for everything in the routine.

There are no special cards or gimmicks in Boudoir Card Reading. Any business cards will work without preparation. And it’s done standing! No wallets, folding, tearing or unnatural moves.

The technique has some interesting variations. You may choose to have questions written on index cards. My full private reading session is fully explained in the manuscript.

An illustrated PDF eBook with the basic moves, handlings and secret. Plus the fullly scripted professional routine by walk around mentalist, Brian Curry.                                                

A full hour MP4 with Brian Curry showing all his subtleties that aren’t in the manuscript. Stand-up, walk-around or at a private sitting. Many questions are answered, for example, several minutes on merely having the card placed in the pack. You get all those details

One psychic reader is now using a full index card version! His insights and handlings are included.


Boudoir Card Reading eBook (PDF)


Boudoir Card Reading Video (MP4)


Boudoir Card Reading Audio (MP3)

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