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Cellular Mitosis Pro Package

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Any thought is revealed by a random participant called on a cell phone.

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The last word on cell phone mentalism is Cellular Mitosis 3. It moves light years beyond the effect of both the original Cellular Mitosis and CM2.

EFFECT: A subject thinks ANY word, number, date, place or thought. She thinks of a friend and looks up her cell number.

The mentalist uses his own phone dials the friend’s number!      And asks for her by name!

When the friend in on the phone he asks her to say the first word that pops into her head. And SHE REVEALS THE THOUGHT!

That’s right!

There are absolutely no confederates used in CM3.

The person on the phone is always the chosen friend.

There is no set-up or coaching or cueing.

This is pure Real Time (TM) Mentalism at it’s finest.

Rick Maue has even contributed subtleties that really shine the presentation.

Now here’s the BIG NEWS…

This is to be a separate e-book priced at $77.

But the board of directors at Docc Hilford Products (me) has decided to release it here on the Cellular Mitosis Doccinar.

And it won’t cost you $77.

It’s included in Cellular Mitosis Doccinar.

You get a FREE $45 value copy of CM2 to study as there is important information in that book.

And you get the NEW CM3 explained in all its fabulous glory!

Don’t miss this deal.

Only $39 for over an hour of instructions, plus the MP4 to keep and replay, plus the $45 value book, CM2.


Cellular Mitosis 1 eBook (PDF)


Cellular Mitosis 2 eBook (PDF)


Cellular Mitosis 3 eBook (PDF)


Cellular Mitosis Audio (MP3)


Cellular Mitosis Doccinar (MP4)

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