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Conscious Somnambulism Doccinarthumb

Conscious Somnambulism Doccinar

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The Conscious Somnambulism Package is an exploration of waking hypnosis and how to apply it to your routines. Each trick taught is an induction so it’s almost self working.

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This is one of the strangest and most powerful Doccinars we’ve offered. The Conscious Somnambulism Doccinar.

You can learn waking hypnosis inductions that THE SUBJECT DOESN’T KNOW you’re using!

Conscious Somnambulism will use on the Ball & Tube routine as an example, but because it’s been covered on DVD we only briefly review it.

What you’ll will learn is…

How to use ANY trick to induce waking hypnosis.

How to use ANY object to do the same.

The infamous female-subject-tingle-wellness induction


You’ll learn a full light seance induction!

This technique is NOT some untested, theory, NLP, ETC or BFD! It really works and you can do it almost instantly.

These techniques are GUARANTEED to amplify your mentalism and magic.


Ball and Tube (PDF)


Conscious Somnambulism Audio (MP3)


Conscious Somnambulism Video (MP4)

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