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Corvus Slates

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$299.00 You Pay (a $100.00 savings!!)

Spirit Messages the Audience Can See and Hear as They Visually Appear!

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Close Up Corvus Slates

You can get COVUS SLATES in CLOSE UP size!
About the size of a paperback novel.
Perfect for use in a bar, a pub or out with friends.

Small enough to carry with you...
Large enough to be seen from a distance.

The great thing about these CLOSE UP Slates is that you get a THIRD SLATE!
Now you can prepare a 3rd secret slate!

The CLOSE UP CORVUS Set comes with:

  • A set of 2 8”x5” Hand-Crafted SLATES
  • A THIRD Matching SLATE!
  • 2 CHALKS - 1 SPECIAL, 1 regular
  • The SPIRIT SLATE MP4 video
  • And THREE THIRD SLATE Routines.

There are only A FEW of these special CLOSE UP COVUS Sets available.
And GET Yours for ONLY $99!



The NEW Corvus Slates

Spirit Messages the Audience Can See and Hear as They Visually Appear!

Almost every magician of any standing has demonstrated his ability to receive spirit messages. These astral communications nearly always appeared silently and in secret. But not anymore!
Now, the audience can actually HEAR the chalk write the complete message, or they can SEE the writing slowly come into focus.

EFFECT: Two pieces of black slate board are freely shown blank on both sides. Each of the four sides is wiped clean with a wet cloth. This actually happens; no false counts. The slates are set on edge and leaned against a candlestick. A single piece of chalk is placed between the two boards. When the mage extends his finger toward the slates and makes the slightest contact, THE CHALK BEGINS TO WRITE! The audience hears each letter being formed between the slates. They hear the looping of the letters, the crossing of T’s and the dotting of I’s. The mage doesn’t move at all during the process; not even his finger! The sound of the writing comes from the slates and the actual chalk between them. The outside slate is removed and written in chalk on the second slate is a message.
There’s more! The mage cleans the first slate board again, showing both sides shiny black and free of any writing. He leans the single board against another glass. Slowly and silently another message appears before the eyes of the audience! It looks like a ghostly special effect from a movie. Without exaggeration, men have wept witnessing these demonstrations in actual seances.
In a special Living and Dead Test, you can allow a spectator to write the names of several people on one slate, wash them clean and the only dead name will reappear on the slate five times larger than originally written!
You can cause any messages to appear and the slates can be used over and over. This is a hand-made, quality apparatus that requires extensive labor to produce.
Limited quantity – get yours now!

The Corvus Slates
Has these important features:

  • No flaps, roller blinds or secret covers.
  • No extra slates are used.
  • No switches.
  • No special numbering of sides.
  • All four sides are washed clean.
  • No white carbons.
  • The messages are actually written in chalk.
  • Nothing is added or taken from the slates.
  • The sound comes from the actual chalk and slates.
  • The medium doesn’t move.
  • No hook-ups; completely self contained.
  • No threads or remotes controls.
  • No assistants are needed.
  • No recordings. The sound is really chalk on slate.
  • No special lighting is needed.
  • Can be performed surrounded.
  • The slates can be thoroughly examined.
  • It’s astounding to hear the chalk write the message.
  • It’s chilling to see the message appear.

Some of the professionals who use Corvus Slates are:

Bob Sheets, Alain Nu, Rick Maue, Dan Strange, Jon Stetson, Neal Scryer, Richard Webster, M. Weber and The Inner Circle of Bizarre Magicians.

A pair of slate boards, special chalk and illustrated instructions with several NEW effects

ONLY $399! Plus S/H

NOTE: These are constructed differently from Raven’s Slates or Peyton’s Slates. Made with a lighter foam core base, vinyl reinforcement and professional grade materials. The sound is LOUDER and CLEARER than ever before!


The Corvus Slates package contain a set of two 10” x 14” bordered slates, special chalk, regular chalk, the secret fluid formula, illustrated printed instruction booklet and a NEW e-book with different tricks, routines and ideas.
Limited to 30 sets of the Corvus Slates, you can get them for 40% off,
That’s ONLY $299!
And as a bonus, the Corvus Slate Doccinar, a $19.97 value, is FREE. A special Doccinar on slate use, new handings, a gimickless mental epic, the best slate count around, a pocket slate writing effect and how to use your new Corvus Slates. Well over an hour long, it’s like a private lesson on slate work.

The retail price of the hand crafted Corvus Slates set is $399. The Corvus Slates Doccinar is a separate item and retails for $19.97. That’s a RETAIL price of $418.97 for the combined set. And worth every penny. Believe me, we don’t want every “Tricky Dicky” out there performing what you and I use to make a living. I wish I could price them at $2500, but that wouldn’t be fair to you, my friends and VIPs.
Right now, the limited set of Corvus Slates and DVD and accoutrements are 40% off, ONLY $299! + S&H
And as a bonus, the first thirty orders will get the Doccinar as well – FREE.

The Corvus Slates will be sent within days of your order. The new MP4 Doccinar is available now.
REMEMBER: These new and improved slates are fully guaranteed not to warp under normal use. They are built to last a life time.
Be one of the performers who stand out as a remarkable entertainer. Order the finest spirit slates available today… at 40% off!


ONLY $299 + S&H.

Now anyone can talk to the dead!



Corvus Slates e-book (PDF)


Corvus Slates Explanation Video (MP4)


Corvus Slates Audio (MP3)


Corvus Slates Video (MP4)


Corvus Slates

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