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Dead or Alive Pro Package

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Dead or Alive is a powerful interactive demonstration of communication with a deceased spirit, and much more.

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Dead or Alive is the consummate trick for table work. It’s so far beyond a classic living and dead test that it becomes a three act play in miniature.

A subject who is no longer living is thought about by the sitter. She also thinks of several friends. Through the use of a pendulum in HER HANDS, the sitter discovers which business from several has the name of the deceased. The medium then describes the spirit in detail and reveals the name. As far as the sitter is concerned, the medium didn’t touch anything; not the cards, the pendulum nor any other thing.

The Doccinar covers a lot of ground – pendulums, audience interaction, revelations, wallet ideas, and much more.


Dead or Alive Audio (MP3)


Dead or Alive Excerpt (PDF)


Dead or Alive Video (MP4)

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