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Dead Velvet 1 Doccinarthumb

Dead Velvet 1 Doccinar

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The inside information on spirit seances. Learn an original spirit tie and how to automate a borrowed chair ANYWHERE! Plus lots of insider information on the psychology of a real style seance.

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This package teaches lots of secret information on how to appear as a talented and legitimate spirit medium in contemporary times, but there’s much more solid deception here. The two supportive legs on which this Pro Package rest are the Dead Velvet Spirit Tie and The Haunted Chair.

The Dead Velvet Spirit Tie is more than a method of quick release (and retying) from 12 feet of rope. It is a demonstration of spirit activity. A 10 to 12 foot piece of rope is laid on the medium’s lap. Within seconds the spirits wrap the rope around his legs and wrists TWICE and tie him with such strong knots that Houdini couldn’t untie them. Members of the seance can look, inspect and examine the tied ropes as much as they wish. Both the medium’s hands are securely tied!

Yet, when the lights go out, or the cabinet curtain is drawn spirit activity apparently takes place. In reality, in actu, the medium is INSTANTLY released to secretly perform the playful skullduggery. It takes about ONE SECOND to be securely tied again. Each time the sitters can check the tie. Each time there’s nothing to see.

Dead Velvet was a complete sell out at Mind Vention.

The Haunted Chair is the routine that fooled 200 skeptics at their own convention. A borrowed chair raises up on two legs and rocks forward and backward WITHOUT BEING TOUCHED. It then LEANS OVER SIDEWAYS and FALLS THE OTHER DIRECTION!

If you think you may know about this method, you’re probably incorrect. After the demonstration, skeptics looked for threads, magnets, wires, hidden assistants, mechanics and even a special chair – but FOUND NOTHING!

The Velvet Seance Pro Package is the Dead Velvet e-book, The Haunted Chair e-book and the hour long Doccinar as an MP4 video download.

After this class, you’ll be miles above those guys who do magic tricks in the dark and call themselves “mediums”. You’ll be ready to make a great additional income this and every spooky season.


Note: A little note about the quality of these recordings. It seemed like Docc’s place was cursed while trying to record this. Fuzzy camera, sound out of whack, he disappeared for a bit, etc. These problems continued even with phone calls later that night. Just wanted you to know about this before you watch. The information was top notch and Docc really gave some great information during the presentation.


Dead Velvet Audio (MP3)


Dead Velvet ebook (PDF)


Dead Velvet Video (MP4)


The Haunted Chair ebook (PDF)

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