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Dead Velvet 2 Doccinarthumb

Dead Velvet 2 Doccinar

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Several special routines for the seance room. These are professional level effects including floating trumpets, ectoplasm and sealed message reading. Includes a full chapter on marketing your seance.

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The Velvet Seance Pro Package 1 was the largest attended live Doccinars in history! Because of the deep interest in professional quality spirit medium material, volume II, so here it is. In a DOUBLE DOCCINAR!

In over 2 FULL HOURS of one-on-one teaching you’ll learn everything you need to know to conduct a Velvet Seance for money. This is not a quick and easy business plan, it’s the REAL down to Earth process used by Docc Hilford and a handful of others to assemble, entertain and earn. How much? Check this out:

                                                            NON GIMMICK SPIRIT TRUMPET

This second part of the Velvet Seance Series will introduce you to ways of handling reaching rods, Q&A and ectoplasm unlike any known method.

This Double Doccinar has a spirit trumpet routine that will shock and amaze your guests. It apparently moves, floats, and is handled by spirits WITHOUT ANY GIMMICK!!!


Where, who, when, what and how to conduct a Velvet Seance is completely covered. Even if you never conducted a seance theater before, you’ll learn details such as:

How to arrive and set up

How to have sitters enter the seance room

How to seat them; theater vs. table

How to begin and end the service

How to handle believers and skeptics

and best of all…

 How to charge Broadway ticket prices in ANY town in your area!


As a bonus, you’ll learn the Dead Velvet Q&A routine. Nothing other than index cards and pens, yet oh so stunning when answers come from a floating trumpet! YES! The spirit voice comes directly from the floating trumpet.

It’s easy to do and you’ll get it as part of this Double Doccinar.

Over 2 Full hours


Dead Velvet 2 Audio (MP3)


Dead Velvet 2 Video (MP4)

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