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Docc-tail Party with Jon Stetsonthumb

Docc-tail Party with Jon Stetson

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A video lecture about mentalism, performing, and professional tips from two of the top mentalists in the business, Jon Stetson and Docc Hilford.

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Jon Stetson stopped by Docc's place and they had an energetic talk about a myriad of topics.

It started as a quick, casual get together at Docc’s penthouse with his guest Jon Stetson. But once Docc and Jon got going we had a hard time stopping them. They kept going for a full hour. Fortunately somebody started the recording. What did they talk about? This is just a partial list:

The Gentleman’s Rule

Position & Status

How to create Ambiance

Tips on performing while strolling

Public speaking

Your power to make or break people’s day

The importance of knowing who you are in the moment

How to quickly put yourself in the proper mindset

Airport security – they had ideas on that too!

Some great System 88 tips

That really is just a partial list. Do dogs really help Jon with airport security? Does Docc really have a leg lamp from the Christmas Story movie? It is all here.

You will also hear about Ted Lesley, Nate Leipzig, Uri Geller, Barrie Richardson, and some performers who must remain nameless.

This video is packed with real world practical tips, tricks and advice from two of the best in the business.  


Docc-Tail Party with Jon Stetson Audio (MP3)


Docc-Tail Party with Jon Stetson video (MP4)

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