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Docc Talk 1 - The Money Machine

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Docc Talk 1: The Money Machine is a discussion of all facets of back of the room sales. You may not have thought of using BOR sales to get shows but that is covered too.


Electronic delivery

The Money Machine

In this MP3 audio Docc explains how to make money in mentalism TODAY with Back Of the Room sales. 

What To Sell
How to Sell It
How to Upsell It

He also goes into detail about what NOT to sell.

Keeping products and services light and easy for maximum profits.

You’ll learn about the difference between:

SHOW Sales vs. INDIVIDUAL Pitching

Are you performing a show now?
Want to make additional income?

Are you doing readings now?
Want to add to your daily take?

Are you needing extra cash?
Are you near a coffee shop?

Whether you’re established or need to get started...

Docc gives you insight about lots of money making venues in your area.

From CORPORATE BANQUETS to COFFEE SHOPS you can make hundreds of extra dollars - RIGHT NOW! 

A simple CHAINED UPSELL formula is presented that will enable you to walk out of your house and start making money.

There’s nothing tricky or complicated.


What To Sell
How to Sell It
How to Upsell It


Docc explains how to use Back Of the Room sales to generate FUTURE show sales.
If you need a gig now, use these techniques to generate a show within days. 

Lots of useable information in a 37 minute audio MP3.

Quit leaving MONEY ON THE TABLE!
The Money Machine will let you get out of your head and... GO GET SOME CASH!



Docc Talk 1 - The Money Machine (MP3)

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