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Docc Talk - 1st Class Passthumb

Docc Talk - 1st Class Pass

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$29.00 You Pay (a $10.00 savings!!)

This 2 HOUR Audio file explains the Nine Swords multiple floder mentalism effect.
Up to 12 leather folders show different choices, such as city names.
A spectator mentally selects a city.
The closed folders are mixed around.
You reveal the mentally chosen city.
AND when she puts her finger on a random folder, it's her city!
As easy to do as an electronic five folder trick.
How to subconsciously induce the Law of Reciprocation in your audience,
and Docc’s famous E’Voque presentation with the folders as a FREE bonus.

Electronic delivery

This is a special DOUBLE DOCCtalk!
During the almost 2 hours of MP3 audio you’ll learn the amazing mind reading and clairvoyance trick, Nine Swords.
It’s the next “Evolution” in leather folder mentalism.
Better than a $800.00 electronic method, Nine Swords has up to 12 folders!
With the same effect as it’s electronic brother, Nine Swords lets a spectator mentally select any of up to 12 different choices.
Each business card size folder has a different choice; 
  • cities, 
  • famous names, 
  • colors, 
  • Tarot cards, 
  • or even folded paper money denominations.
The folders are all open, so the spectator makes a mental choice.
The folders are all closed and mixed around on a table top.
With no effort, you’re able to tell the spectator what he mentally chose!
But you’re not finished.
The spectator puts his finger on one of the folders and it’s the one with his choice!
Nine Swords looks much more difficult to spectators than any electronic folder trick.
But that’s only part of the DOCCtalk.
For over an hour Docc explains the details of how to use NLP charged words in a specific script that will create a subconscious reaction of RECIPROCATION.
The LAW of RECIPROCATION makes people feel the cold reading you just gave them has so much PROVEN social value that they feel in intense need to reciprocate and give you something of equal or greater value.
That’s right.
You’ll learn how to add three cold reading lines, of your choice, to the trick Nine Swords and flip that mental switch in people’s minds.
  • You’ll get suites in hotels when you book a room.
  • You’ll get luxury cars when you rent an economy size.
  • You’ll even find times when a flight agent will move you to First Class on a coach ticket.
With the Law of Reciprocation restaurants will offer to pay for your dinner.
And better yet...
You’ll learn a simple presentation tip for Nine Swords that will bring people over to your table and offer money for a reading.
$40, $50 or $100 is not unusual when you use this powerful mind trip.
You could spend weeks researching this amazing technique and not find the information you need as a mentalist.
In this DOCCtalk it’s all scripted for you.
A full, ice cold script is included.
Along with several approach techniques.
You’ll get choices of your role and even several different examples of what technique you’re apparently demonstrating.
For example, you may be an expert in Conflict Resolution.
The folders then test the subject’s ability to resolve conflicts.
By the end of your reading, the subject will have a strong method for doing so.
All based on the same technique taught to you on the DOCCtalk.
Maybe you’d prefer to be an author on the subject of Emotional Closure Workshops.
The folder trick will then reflect that particular subject.
It’s as easy as selecting what you want from the examples Docc gives, or making up your own.
Nine Swords will carry ANY type of pseudo psychic ability.
Combined with the Law of Reciprocation technique, you can only create a posative responce in the audience.
As a BONUS...
Docc explains how to perform his famous E’Voque effect with the Nine Swords folders.
This is a FREE trick added onto the already packed effects on the DOUBLE DOCCtalk.
This will be some of the best money you’ve ever invested in practical mentalism.
If you know the power of Docc’s Ball & Tube routine, or the immensely popular Dream Coin effect, you’ll know how much milage he gets from the multiple folder trick.
Almost 2 HOURS of detailed instructions on:
  • The Nine Swords mentalism effect,
  • The Law of Reciprocation Technique,
  • An Ice Cold Script,
  • Approach Lines,
  • Several cover story examples,
  • And the E’Voque with the folders effect...
I’m sure you’ll be able to do this without any learning curve.
It’s literally built-into the Nine Swords trick.
And that’s almost automatic!
You don’t need the leather or vinyl folders to begin.
You can learn the effect immediately with less than a dozen pay envelopes or business cards.
Then when you’ve learned it and practiced the script, you can buy regular vinyl business card folders.
This is a Pro-Packge DOCCtalk you don’t want to miss.


Docc Talk - 1st Class Pass (MP3)

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