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Docc Talk 4 The Secrets of Miraclesthumb

Docc Talk 4 - The Secrets of Believability

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Docc Talk 4 - Believability reveals how you can make everything you do more believable.

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Do you want your mentalism to be believable?
Do you want your audiences to experience true wonder when they watch you?
Would you like to learn the 5 simple secrets used by successful psychics who make their living in the real word?
How much would it be worth to hear the secrets of believability as taught by Tony Andrizzi, Ormond McGill and a couple of cult leaders who must remain anonymous?

DOCCtalk 4 - The Secrets of Believability is a 1 hour and 45 minute audio lecture explaining the 5 true secrets of how to get people to actually BELIEVE the mentalism you perform.

The Secrets of Believability are 5 steps that are easy to do.

These steps are applicable to mentalism, magic or even starting a UFO Voodoo cult!
Too often mentalists who aren’t familiar with these secret steps work against themselves; causing audiences to NOT believe.

If they don’t know the right things to do, they can accidentally do the wrong things.
The 5 secret steps can be used on a single person... or a room full of people.

They can be used in a single trick... or a complete act.
Starting at STEP 1, a place where a person may not be willing to believe ANYTHING you do, the steps take them gently and stealthily to the STEP 5 level where they believe you can perform MIRACLES!

In the hour and 45 minutes I explain each step, give trick examples and true life stories about each step.

There’s no hypnosis or strange applications or pipe-dream theories.

These are PROVEN steps used by contemporary psychics, cult leaders and urban shamans.
And the steps are truly protected secrets!
In less than 2 HOURS you’ll learn how to  AMPLIFY the potency of every mental effect you know!

There’s also a full routine, After Dinner Seance, included in the package.
This illustrated PDF eBook explains a stunning, yet prop-free seance that illustrates the steps in one routine.
The eBook is a $19.99 value by itself.
DOCCtalk 4 - The Secrets of Believability is a real audio lecture.

You’ll feel like you had a private lesson in being BELIEVABLE!
And being believable means being successful as a mentalist.



Docc Talk 4 - The Secrets of Believability (MP3)


Docc Talk 4 - The Secrets of Believability Dinner Seance (PDF)

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