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E’voque Pro Package

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E’Voque is a NEW and undetectable method of performing the classic Magician’s Choice. The only method that’s repeatable!

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What is E’Voque? A spectator chooses any number of dissimilar objects (usually around seven) and lays them in a row. A second participant looks over the group of items and jots down the name of one of them on a piece of paper. The first person is instructed to make several choices concerning the items. Half of them are eliminated, then a couple more are discarded. Finally, one object remains and it matches the item the second person chose before any objects were removed!

Sounds like something you already do right? Well it isn’t. With E’Voque there is no thinking. You always know what to say and when to say it. No awkward pauses. The ebook contains several routines and the Doccinar has more.

This is an incredibly powerful effect. You’ll have to hear the gasps of amazement and see the sparkle in the eyes of your audience for yourself. 


E'Voque (MP3)


E'Voque (MP4)


E'Voque (PDF)

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