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Golden Dragon

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The Golden Dragon is a sampler of 7 effects from Docc Hilford. Effects with billets, switching, tearing, question answering. With cards, envelopes and every day objects.

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The Golden Dragon – A journey down a dark alley and a right turn brings you to a mysterious restaurant and night club. The Golden Dragon! Inside you’ll find the super strange and seductively beautiful.

The Golden Dragon is the first of a two-part set of Docc’s “Best Of” collection. Its 84 pages contain five original effects, some never before in print. And you get TWO FULL BOOKS.

Thaumaturgy has never seen print before. Erik Jan Hanussen is the perhaps the most mysterious stage mentalist of modern times. This routine explains his secret method of Q&A, as well as a routine where a spectator gives all the psychometric readings. And they’re quite accurate! This was slated to be sold by itself for $20, but is now included in this collection.

Glass Demons is a billet routine where you identify both angles and demons in the audience. It makes you become the living representative of The Exorcist! Only shared with a handful of mentalists previous to this release.

The Horizontal CT is Docc’s handling of the classic Center Tear maneuver. By working half as hard, you can now achieve twice as much!

The Tempest is a combination of two effects. A person writes a question and hides it under one of three cups. You are able to reveal which cup hides the slip of paper, and then ANSWER THE QUESTION! It’s a quick and effective way to be the man who knows with borrowed objects.

Nudie Call is a clever trick using an imaginary cell phone and a mini deck of 1950s nudie cards. Charming and mysterious, this is perfect for times when you need novelty close-up.

Burn Witch Burn is a complete book that details Docc’s bank night routine. Ted Lesley, David Regal and others praised this as the best routine of its kind. There’s fire, money and four participants on stage. It’s the definition of “Packs Small, Plays Big!” and originally sold for $15.

E’voque, long out of print, has been labeled the most up to date method of the equivocal force yet published. Here is the complete book that originally sold for $25. It has the script that you must know and several routines. Now you can entertain a room full of children or a party of cocktail swilling adults. All with an invisible gimmick!

The value of the two books and the new trick alone is $60. That doesn’t include any of the previously published tricks. If you bought all the books these came from you’d spend over $185!

But The Golden Dragon is only $25 complete with color illustrations.


The Golden Dragon eBook (PDF)

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