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Hpno Disk Mind Control Upgrade

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$19.00 You Pay (a $10.00 savings!!)

This Upgrade builds upon the original Hypno Disk Mind Control and gives you FIVE more presentations.
Plus many other tricks, tips and  performance instructions.
NOTE: You must oen the original Hypno Disk Mind Control Doccinar to understand the five new presentations.
However, many of the tricks are separate and can be used on their own.

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Hypo Disk Mind Control Upgrade
Building upon the foundation of Hypno Disk Mind Control, this modern upgrade enables you to change the theme of the four digit numbers to any one of five different themes.
You can have a theme of 
  • The original numbers,
  • Four letter words,
  • Hexagrams from the Book of Changes, the I Ching,
  • Historic Dates,
  • and even Casino Dice!
The master sheets included have an array of special back designs and all the Hypno Disks designed for each of the different themes.
These master designs took nearly 50 hours to create and implement for you.
You just select your favorite theme, print out the disks and accompanying card designs, and start performing!
The MP3 audio discuses…
  • The psychology of listening,
  • Involving people in your act,
  • How to control a choice from anyone’s pocket,
  • Annemann’s Par Optic Vision,
  • The Egyptian Card Mystery,
  • How to know what a spectator writes without any gimmicks,
  • How to know what they write from across the room,
  • Doc Nixon’s Mind Reading Act,
  • Peripheral listening,
  • Improving your classic force,
  • Table choices,
  • Ernie Simon’s nested envelope prediction,
  • Predicting any number under 10,000,
  • Chalk disks and mini chalk boards,
  • Voo Doo disks,
  • Chinese Wallet,
  • Magic spells,
  • Who is Harry Lime?
You’ll also learn how to know the number the subject thought of without anything being said!
Half a dozen advanced techniques for mind reading that will give you skills most mentalists will never process.
It’s the next level.
You receive…
A detailed MP3 audio almost 1 1/2 hours long,
The master disks and cards - front and back designs - ready for use.
Full color graphics.
And all the necessary instructions to create your own, original presentation. 
NOTE - You must own the original Hypno Disk Mind Control Doccinar to be able to understand and perform this Upgrade.


Hypno Disk Mind Control Upgrade


Hypno Disk Mind Control Upgrade Instructions

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