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Hypno Disk Mind Control

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The subject has a completely free choice of any of eight different numbers on a hypno disk.
She looks and selects one mentally.
From a group of ten mixed cards, she takes four random from the mentalist’s pocket.
The mentalist randomly erases a number off the disk.
It's her mentally chosen number!
And the four number cards she chose freely, make the exact same number!

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The first item in the new Third Man Mentalism line.
Hypno Disk Mind Control Uses the infamous hypnotic circles design to apparently create a state where clairvoyance happens with both the subject and the mentalist.
The mentalist has a disk with black and white concentric circles printed on it. 
Around the design he’s written eight different four digit numbers. 
When he shows it to the subject, she is to remember any one of the four digit numbers she sees.
She has a completely free choice of all of the eight different numbers.
The disk is temporarily put aside and a set of ten number cards are shown. 
There are only ten and each has a different numeral printed on it.
The subject mixes the cards. The mentalist places them in his pocket.
Now the test begins. 
The subject concentrates on her chosen number.
She reaches into the mentalist’s pocket and removes any four cards she wishes.
These are placed face down on a table or bar.
Now the mentalist takes the test to a higher stage.
The numbers written on the disk are in erasable ink. 
He looks away and erases a number at random.
Showing the disk and now seven numbers to the subject, she says that here chosen number has been erased!
She states her number aloud so there’s no chance of collusion and the numeral cards are turned face up.
They make up the exact same number as the subject merely though about earlier!
  • Only 1 disk is used.
  • Only ten numeral cards are used.
  • There is no forcing.
  • All of the choices are FREE and open.
  • The chosen number is actually erased.
  • There are no duplicate numbers.
  • She can change her mind.
  • It works on all eight numbers.
  • And it works EVERY time!
Hypo Disk Mind Control is extremely easy to do.
Just print out the disk, laminate it so you can write on it with a marker and you’re ready to perform!
Hypo Disk Mind Control comes with…
  • A fully illustrated PDF eBook of instruction, 
  • The printable masters of disks and numeral cards, and…
  • A detailed MP4 video.
The Third Man Mentalism line guarantees the effect to be powerful enough for professionals and easy enough for beginners.
Originated by international performer, Harry Lime and detailed by the creative mind of Docc Hilford, Hypno Disk Mind Control is the type of strong pocket mentalism that can be easily performed on stage or stand up.
Be the “man with the power”, 
the Hypno Disk Mind Control power!


Hypno Disk Mind Control Video


Hypno Disk Mind Control Instructions

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