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Impromptu Mind Reader Doccinar

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The Impromptu Mind Reader Doccinar explores ways you can take any simple effect and transform it into a powerful demonstration of mind reading. The videos, audios and PDF files show how to use a seemingly unprepared moment to shine as a superstar mind reader. The featured effects are Desire and The Tempest. Both stunning billet tests.

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Why are some men legends in magic and mentalism with ONLY the simplest tricks?

Why do some guys today use expensive props or complicated effects and are still perceived as “tricksters”?

The answer is…


Over half a century ago, Jack Chanin read palms for BIG tips and wowed every table in a night club with a watch trick from “102 Tricks You Can Do”, a kid’s magic book!

Half a century earlier, Bert Reese entertained society patrons with the same trick using a pencil and paper to contact the dead!

We’ve all seen “those” guys in clubs. They float paper money in mid air without touching the note, and the waitress says, “That’s cute, here’s your sandwich.”

WHY such a big difference?

Here’s a secret that MANY don’t know… IT’S NOT ABOUT PERSONALITY!

In the 2 hour audio lecture, Docc uses several of his original effects to illustrate the inside thinking of IMPROMPTU mentalism and show you how YOU can become a legend wherever YOU perform.

Be the fellow who WANTS to go last in a group of pub performers, so you slay the audience!

Be the man that NO ONE CAN FOLLOW!

Use these original cool tricks, or any you already know.

Once you learn this way of thinking you’ll turn a simple trick into a MIRACLE.


You’ll learn two of Docc’s best IMPROMPTU effects – Desire and The Tempest. Explained in detail on two easy-to-follow video MP4 files.

With simple borrowed items, you will blow away any crowd, any time, any where!


Desire Trick (MP4)


Our Magic 24 Rules (PDF)


The Impromptu Mind Reader Doccinar (MP3)


The Impromptu Mind Reader Follow up call (MP3)


The Tempest Trick (MP4)

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