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Instantaneous Obedience Pro Package

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Instantaneous Obedience Pro Package

Your Thoughts and Desires are Their Only Realities

It's now a scientic fact that you can induce onbedience without the knowledge of the subject! The mentalism superstars of years past knew how to make someone choose what they wanted, do what they wanted or say what they wanted.

Nobel Prize winner, Benjamin Libet performed experiments that determined that the human brain makes decisions in the subconscious before the conscious mind knows. His experiments proved that free will is nonexistent.

For mentalists Libet’s discovery means there are methods to force a subject’s subconscious mind to make a decision without their conscious mind knowing. They think THEY MADE THE CHOICE FREELY! Libet called this antedating. Remembering the suggestions you made AFTER they choose.

Instantaneous Obedience is a Pro Package of the Wellington Lecture audio book and the Touch of Nyarlathotep.

The Wellington Lecture teaches you how to induce compliance and the Touch of Nyarlathotep is the perfect vehicle to induce the state of obedience while entertaining the subjects with mentalism.


If you want to get an audience to think what you want them to think, do what you want them to do, or act as you want them to act, Instantaneous Obedience will deliver!


Purchase INSTANTANEOUS OBEDIENCE Pro Package and receive BOTH 95 minute audio books, the Wellington Lecture and the Touch of Nyalathotep and a video file illustrating any movements, gestures or techniques.

Order now and get REPORT N0. 1 (an except from "How to Make Money With The Instantaneous Obedience Technique" eBook.) Get it FREE!


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Wellington Lecture

True Secrets to Audience Compliance

Methods of Instantaneous Obedience


Did you know you can make a person do whatever you want them to do? Or any couple believe whatever you want them to believe? Or any audience feel whatever you want them to feel? You can determine what they see, or even better, what they DON’T see.

You can command their thoughts, actions and feelings without their knowledge.

The mentalism super stars of years past knew the true secrets of audience compliance and the methods of instantaneous obedience. The methods work today as easily as they ever have, yet most contemporary mentalists have difficulty digging through the endless essays of psychological reports to extract the few techniques that can be applied to mentalism.

In 2010 Docc Hilford invited a small group of mentalists to a special lecture. The event cost $299 and was limited. Those invited came to learn a breakthrough technique that induces compliance in 3 to 5 minutes without the subject’s knowledge. The technique is a combination of secrets from two main sources. The first set of methods belonged to a scoundrel who hid from his contemporaries under the pseudonym of Wellington. The other source were specific studies of the subconscious mind by Nobel prize winner, Benjamin Libet. Docc’s friend and associate, Dr, Asia Eaton helped him assemble the steps of instant obedience into an easy-to-do technique. The lecture became known underground as the $299 Wellington Lecture.

Today the Wellington Lecture is a new audio book that teaches everything taught at the original lecture and much more. In the audio book you’ll learn:

  • The simple steps of Preconditioning.
  • The methods of Identification.
  • The secret of Triangulation.
  • The law of Reciprocation.

The Wellington Lecture shows you... 

  • How to ensure the co-operation of a subject by addressing someone else.
  • What the benefits of Rewards and Punishments are.
  • How to stealthily demand allegiance and get it.

You’ll learn the often difficult problem of exactly...

  • How to create desire in your audience.
  • Desire to watch what it is you’re demonstrating.
  • Desire to be part of the demonstration.
  • Desire for you to succeed.
  • Desire to know you and be near you.

You’ll make a single subject or an entire audience literal “slaves to your commands”. Every show will create followers and fanatics. Your fan base will grow in ways you never thought possible. Because people will WANT to be part of what you have. They’ll WANT to believe.

The most amazing feature of the Wellington Lecture is that this technique is easy-to-do! With the step-by-step instructions and the practice plan, you’ll be able to induce nearly instantaneous obedience within a few days.

Add the technique from the Wellington Lecture to any effect you now perform and watch what happens! You’ll SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

Have more fans. Have more fun. Have more success.





The Touch of Nyarlathotep

The Only Routine Designed to Strengthen Your Abilities


If you’ve studied any techniques of instantaneous obedience, such as the technique explained in The Wellington Lecture, or any others, you’re probably anxious to try them out. But where? On whom? And how?

The Touch of Nyarlathotep was originally designed to be a showcase for obedience techniques. Later, it was pointed out that because of the unique method, there’s no chance of failure. Therefore the Touch of Nyarlathotep is just what’s needed to try out obedience techniques on an audience. 

A blank canvas to paint with your mental commands!

Here’s how it looks to them.

After dinner, a deck of cards is convincingly shuffled. After a few cuts, you deal three cards face-up on a table. You ask the subject to think of one of the three cards. She holds your wrist and while you instruct her to think of her card, you reach down and pick it up!

No fumbling, or guessing. No muscle reading or eye watching. Nothing is set-up beforehand or written down. No NLP or equivoque. She merely thinks of a random card and within a few seconds you pick it up.

The deck is cut again and this time five cards are dealt face-up. Again she thinks of any of the five cards, holds your wrist and you easily drop you hand and pick up her mentally chosen card!

Again, no contact mind reading. No whispered cues. And no stooges. Just a clean and clever revelation.

The next test is bigger. The deck is shuffled again. The subject cuts the deck and deals six cards face-down to the table. She shuffles the cards before she seals one card in an envelope, unseen. This envelope is saved for the final test.

The remaining five random, mixed cards are turned face-up. The subject thinks of a card, holds your wrist and you pick it up! No dual reality. No trick decks. No electronic devices.

To squelch any skeptics left, you ask the subject to take the deck, shuffle them again and remove any five cards. This time she holds the cards so YOU CAN’T SEE THE FACES. She thinks of a card, holds your wrist and you reach over and take her card! Wow!

Is there any more difficult test to try? Yes. You turn your back and tell the subject to hide the sealed envelope under any plate on the table. When she’s finished she holds your wrist and you walk over to the plate. Lifting it up you reveal the hidden envelope. This is astonishing. I want to remind you that there are still no cheats or stooges or hidden assistants.

Last, you remind the attending dinner guests that the subject shuffled the deck herself, choose some cards and sealed one in an envelope without looking at it. In fact, no one saw it. You ask everyone present to guess the mystery card’s identity. The guesses are noted on the envelope by the subject, if you wish.

This time you hold the subject’s wrist, look into her eyes and say, “The truth is... it’s the Six of Spades.”

Of course, you’re correct.

Notice how every test is bigger and slightly more difficult than the last. This routine was my dinner with clients routine when I worked trade shows. It was guaranteed to impress the clients and get me a healthy tip at checkout.


By performing the Touch of Nyarlathotep you have induced the state of compliance on your subjects. While entertaining them, your making them your “mind slave”!

No other mentalists can do this effect if they don’t know the secret techniques. They can’t get the secret on line. They can’t buy a deck that will do the work for them. This means YOU HAVE SOMETHING THEY DON’T. It makes you, your show and you fee unique.

And every time to perform this easy-to-do, easy to follow and highly entertaining routine, YOU GET BETTER at instantaneous obedience.

Both the Touch of Nyarlathotep nor the Wellington Lecture are NOT about hypnosis. The technique is stelthily buried beneath a special routine that is orchestrated to make a subject do as you wish.

The routine the Touch of Nyarlathotep can be learned in an hour or so. The time required to learn the techniques of instantaneous obedience learned from the Wellington Lecture requires about one day's practice. 





Wellington Lecture (MP3)


The Touch of Nyarlathotep (MP3)


The Touch of Nyarlathotep (MP4)


Instantaneous Obedience Report #1 (PDF)

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