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Invisible Stranger Pro Package

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The Invisible Stranger Pro Package teaches a powerful three billet routine. Don't miss the extra peeks and advice given both in the book and Doccinar. Finally there is a complete description of how to make money with the act.

Electronic delivery

The ebook is jammed with detailed information and illustrations. It’s really THREE MANUSCRIPTS IN ONE BOOK! It contains…

An invaluable method of billet reading that allows you to openly read a billet in front of the audience more easily than with a peek or a wallet.

A full routined, scripted and audience tested. ACT that’s truly Real Time Mentalism and completely impromptu. 20 YEARS in actual Performance.

A detailed, step-by-step self working method of selling the act to a PROVEN market that’s been searching for someone like you for years.

The Invisible Stranger is a combination of contemporary techniques blended with a closely guarded secret of spirit mediums. Its bold and direct methodology can be applied to hundreds of mental effects.

The new and improved, Strangers in the Night, is one of Docc’s signature pieces. It showcases the mind reader’s ability to look at women and tell if they’re thinking of a friend, lover or someone else, whether the friend is male or female, disclose their name and accurately describe the friend who isn’t even present! And apparently BEFORE touching a billet!

And as a BONUS, you will know how, where and to whom you can sell this act for a solid, steady income. You’ll learn everything about booking enough gigs to show off your new talent, perform part time or be one of a few select mentalist will exploit this market for all it’s worth. Mentalists have paid Docc a high fee to teach them how to successfully work the Ladies Club Market. Only about half a dozen mentalists now work this lucrative and hidden gold mine.

Look at what you get in The Invisible Stranger Package:

The full length Invisible Stranger Doccinar

The MP3 audio of the Doccinar for easy review

The complete ebook with everything illustrated and a handy outline of the routine

You get all of this for only $57 with instant delivery.


The Invisible Stranger ebook (MP3)


The Invisible Stranger ebook (MP4)


The Invisible Stranger ebook (PDF)

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