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Mephisto's Journey Pro Package

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Mephisto's Journey is a powerful demonstration of bilocation. Don't miss this the bonus presentation at the end of the Doc-cinar.

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That statement “reputation maker” gets tossed around, but here it’s the truth.

In 1998, Docc Hilford released a routine that many believed was not performable as advertised. It was, they thought, just too good to be true.

But it was true and those who read the simple instructions discovered a concept a decade ahead of its time. Since then the routine has stunned audiences around the world, and now, 15 years later, Docc has added new subtleties and improvements.

Here is the original ad that started all the fervor.

After dinner, the hostess asks you to perform a miracle.You explain the ability of the great mystics to be at two places at one time. Of course, proof must be made of such a claim.

You require several items from the hostess, which she provides. The most important being her own deck of playing cards. She thinks of any card she likes and writes its name on a slip of paper. This paper, her cards, and a blank slip are sealed in an envelope.

The hostess hides the package anywhere she wishes; in the attic, the basement or under the stairs.

After she returns, the lights are put out and you begin to take on an eerie glow. In your hands is the envelope. It opens for you. You remove the paper and read what only the hostess knows, the name of the selected card she mentally selected. You write something on the other slip and put both back in the envelope.

Next, her worn deck of cards appears in your hands! Yes, her own cards. The cards she hid from you moments ago! You run through the deck and remove a card. It falls from your fingers into her palm and it is the card of which she is thinking!

The glow fades and the lights are put on again. The hostess runs to her hiding place to retrieve the package. Upon examination, the deck is missing one card, her card! Moreover, the blank slip in the sealed envelope has a message for the hostess. A message that absolutely proves you were in the selected room! A SHOCKER!

Note These Points:

  1. The cards are borrowed.
  2. The spectators see the borrowed deck being hidden and then in your hands!
  3. The hostess’ actual card is given her.
  4. She never selects a card, only thinks of it.
  5. There is NO FORCE.
  6. There are no impression devices
  7. The hostess unseals the envelope and checks the paper and deck.
  8. You touch nothing after the envelope is sealed.
  9. You actually read what she wrote on the slip of paper, right in front of the spectators, just as you claim.
  10. You don’t ever leave your seat or need to know where the cards and envelope are hidden.

Do I need to add that this is a one man effect?

A direct demonstration of bilocation. This routine is so inexplicable that audiences are stunned into silence. You absolutely cannot follow this effect. It’s a certain show stopper.

There is nothing here that anyone can’t do. Docc has even added a presentation for beginners. Just add your own personality and you have a reputation maker.

The NEW ebook has several additions and the Doccinar gives insights you must have to get all you can from this phenomenal piece of theater. And the follow-up phone call with Docc live, will answer any questions you may have!

You get:

The fully updated Mephisto’s Journey e-book $27

The 1 1/2 hour Doccinar $37

Recorded Follow-up Call (a $19 value)

Special discount code for what you need in the secret bonus effect (Only in the Pro Package) $20


Mephisto's Journey (PDF)


Mephisto's Journey Video (MP4)

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