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Monster Mentalism Update 02 - I Married a Monsterthumb

Monster Mentalism Update 02 - I Married a Monster

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I Married a Monster Mentalism Update Volume 2 is an update to the DVD Curse of Monster Mentalism. It contains 18 NEW ideas and routines not on the DVD.

Electronic delivery

Docc’s eBook, I Married a Monster Mentalism Update Volume 2, is the eBook update the the DVD Curse of Monster Mentalism. It has 9 previously unpublished routines. And 18 new ideas all together.

These tricks are ones you can count on.

They’re not half-conceived ideas, but real effects that have been used for years in actual performances.

I Married a Monster has updates on the 6 routines taught on the Curse of Monster Mentalism DVD.

What makes this eBook different from other DVD updates is that it’s jammed with new material.

It’s really an eBook that INCLUDES the DVD updates. Not the other way around.

There are 113 illustrated pages.

Have a look at the Table of Contents


Nightmare Coin

The New Nightmare

The Next Nightmare (NEW TRICK)

The Waking Nightmare (NEW TRICK)

Rasputin’s Secret

Take Five Putin (NEW TRICK)

Rasputin’s Ghost (NEW TRICK)

4-1-2… End

40,000 Words

Entranzed (NEW TRICK)


Rhineless ESP

Finger Dinger (NEW TRICK)


Amnesia Induction

Hoy Test (NEW TRICK)

Think of a Card (NEW TRICK)

The Twisted Ending (NEW TRICK)

To give you a taste of this book, I Married a Monster, imagine learning a method to do the infamous Nightmare Coin with ANY OBJECTS and NO GIMMICK!

The routine Finger Dinger is already being touted as worth the price of the book.

Or how about a pseudo code act where you never talk to, touch or come near the medium. Yet she knows what three people did – even if you don’t!

The best part of that routine is the fact the medium learns everything in about 5 minutes!

Try a manuscript, complete with trick examples, on how to induce amnesia in the minds of your audience?

Not tricking them with double back cards or pens that don’t write, but actual amnesia! Ya, it works. You’ll know when you do it yourself.

The eBook is only $25 for all 18 effects. 


I Married a Monster eBook (PDF)

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