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Nostrum Necromancy Pro Package

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Several professional level tricks performed with newspapers, magazines and books. Audio, video and eBooks combo.

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It’s Exciting!

Many friends in mentalism have asked me about doing a session on booking shows. That’s an appropriate request. Fees remain low. Competition grows high.

You want to be able to do a few shows and make a little cash having fun. But fewer and fewer venues are hiring entertainment. How do you get into a place quickly and easily? Is it even possible?

The answer is simple.

The way to get more shows at higher fees is FAME!

The problem is that EVERYONE has Youtube videos. It’s like a moving bulletin board. That’s not the fame that brings work. You need local fame. You need publicity. But that can be extremely expensive. A newspaper ad cost thousands of dollars. Magazine ads cost even more. What can a mentalist on a budget do?

The Nostrum Necromancy Pro Package is the answer. The package contains a classic booklet of Docc Hilford tricks, a fully updated and annotated book giving new insights and details to these routines and a 1.5 hour Doccinar. That’s a Docc and a half.

The Nostrum Necromancy Doccinar was the first to be edited like a DVD rather than recorded live. The production quality broke new ground for DHP. The Doccinars have always delivered a truckload of information, and now it’s easier to watch.

This Doccinar is made up of 2 parts.

PART 1 – A lecture on how to get publicity in print. Why print? Because it’s tangible, it’s something a booker can touch and hold. Unlike video, it has a psychological weight that gives you importance. Part 1 explains the procedure, attitude and secret keys to gaining FREE publicity in both local newspapers and magazines.

“I thought print media was dead.” Not a bit! It’s a quick and sure way to get shows. Newspapers and magazines are DOUBLE hits because they often publish the articles on line as well as hard copies.

Part 1 explains 3 simple rules for getting publicity. So it’s easy to understand and you can get going right away.

All you need to succeed in the FREE publicity department are some golden keys.

PART 2 are some golden keys – three routine specifically designed for newspaper, magazine and even local television performances. They are the keys you need. Each piece is apparently impromptu, so you can use items in the editor’s office. Each piece is constructed for the different media; newspaper, magazine and television. And best of all…

The effects are so much fun to perform you’ll be doing them for friends and audiences in your shows.

Nostrum News is a 30 page, full page, illustrated book explaining all the details of the three tricks. Everything is updated and annotated. Each trick has been performed, not a couple of times for friends like so much that’s being sold today, but before paying audiences in the USA and abroad and in my world wide lecture tours.

One of the tricks I lectured on, taught and had great responses with, but I only taught HALF OF THE EFFECT! You’ll get the double climax in the new book. It’s the Nostrum version of the Koran Newspaper Prediction. It’s been updated to be easier and faster than ever before! Plus you’ll be able to have a seemingly Svengali-like hold on a member of your audience.

Nothing needs any special props or abilities. You do not need to own a peek wallet or anything else. just a newspaper or magazine and a smile.

There’s even an essay on the mystic definition of mentalism and why the linking finger rings plays as mentalism.


Although Nostrum Necromancy Pro Package is aimed at getting publicity in print, the Doccinar tells how to use the final trick in the book for getting on local TV.

But that’s not all.

A fast and furious new EQUIVOQUE is demonstrated and taught.

A secret source for new, fresh and personal COLD READING scripts.

And a priceless tip David Berglas gave to me, that I’ll share with you.

With the entire package you get:

The complete eBook contains the original classic booklet, Nostrum Necromancy, explaining all three tricks AND the fully updated and annotated book of tricks Nostrum News.

And the 2 part Doccinar explaining how to get publicity and demonstrating tricks from the booklet.

Plus the bonuses QUICK VOQUE, the TV TRICK, COLD READING source and the BERGLAS TIP.


Nostrum Necromancy Doccinar (PDF)


Nostrum Necromancy Doccinar (MP3)


Nostrum Necromancy Doccinar (MP4)


Nostrum Necromancy Doccinar Euronotes (PDF)

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