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Docc Hilford
In it’s title is it’s secret.

Oridzuru is the Japanese word for the ancient origami paper crane. In it’s title is it’s secret.
Simple, direct and elegant.

EFFECT - A subject thinks of any word in any book - you reveal it.


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EFFECT - A subject thinks of any word in any book - you reveal it.

The perfect scenario for a book test, and it’s also the simplified description of Oridzuru.
First, the subject THINKS of any word.
Once the word is chosen nothing is written down. There are no billets nor impressions. The subject THINKS of the word.
Second, he selects ANY word from ANY book. This is not entirely true without exception. There is a small limitation designed to keep the test from being too easy. The only rule is that the word be located away from the page’s edge. There must not be any way to peek at the chosen word later. Otherwise he can select any book - any page - any size word - any language. “Nearly” ANY word, but actually ANY book or ANY page.
Third, YOU REVEAL IT. Oridzuru requires no pumping or cueing. Within seconds of the choice, you reveal it. Clear and directly.

There must be something more. Something not being described.

Here’s what the audience sees. A paperback book is freely singled out from many. The subject opens the book at any pages he wishes. He may look through the book and find words he prefers. The selection does NOT need to be random.
The page is torn from the book.
The subject selects a single word away from the edges where it could be glanced. He folds the page as many times as possible. This is usually at least five times. The folded page is now about the dimensions of a sugar cube, small and compact. The mentally chosen word buried within the numerous folds. At which it’s IMPOSSIBLE to see, peek or glance.
You pick up the pellet. This is the first and ONLY TIME YOU TOUCH IT. The pellet is always visible at your finger tips, yet in that 5 SECONDS you know the exact word.
The pellet is NEVER UNFOLDED!
Oridzuru is as close to a miracle word test as one could ever imagine.

Oridzuru comes with the secret gimmick, detailed explanations and SEVEN ROUTINES!
These are not seven different ways to reveal the word, but rather seven completely different ways use the Oridzuru secret! 
You can have the subject hold the packet in his fist while you read the chosen word. 
You can pick up the pellet and quickly tear it to shreds. 
You can do everything with your back turned to the subject, so you NEVER even see the pellet!

Comes as…
A full 1.5 hour MP4 Video file
A full 1.5 hour MP3 Audio file

I could tell you a list of what his is NOT...

  • NOT an impression or copy based method,
  • NOT a billet peek,
  • NOT a force,

It’s NOT…

  • NOT false or duel reality,
  • NOT psychological,
  • NOT language dependent,
  • NOT NLP,

Etc... etc... etc...

I could tell you all you DON’T DO...

  • You DO NOT touch the page at any time until the 5 seconds read.
  • You DO NOT take your eyes away from the the eyes of the subject while holding the pellet!
  • You DO NOT have to be prepared - Oridzuru can be unexpected, more difficult than “Impromptu”.

But it’s better to see what Oridzuru IS...
It IS fantastic.
Audiences love and remember the directness of the routines.
It IS easy to do.
You can do it with about an hour’s practice.
It IS a completely FREE CHOICE at every stage. of book, of page and of word!
It IS MEMORABLE to your audience.
They will talk for weeks about that amazing man who knew any word thought of!

Audiences try to figure it out but there’s NO WHERE TO GO!
This is a quality tool that you will use for years to come. GUARANTEED!

Elegance in performance is often a pleasant change from the contemporary parade of electric flavored gaudiness.


NOTE: The ORIDZURU @ Upgrade teaches you how to build a money making private office business using Oridzuru for private readings.

Release Date 09.12.2015


Oridzuru (MP3)


Oridzuru (MP4)

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