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Q Kards (formerly Questa Cards) are a powerful Q&A demonstration for professionals or those just learning. Easy to do and amazingly accurate.

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Q Kards (formerly Questa Cards) is an unwritten, question answering system with three sides.

SIDE 1 -  Knowing Unwritten Questions

How would you like to walk up to anyone and answer a question they have in mind?

How would you like to do a cabaret or stage Q&A without ANYTHING being written by the audience?

How would you like to give an accurate numerology reading and KNOW the client’s question without them writing it?

SIDE 2 – Answering the Questions

This is what four top Q&A artists said at MINDvention 2013 about learning to answer questions:

Q&A is all about the answers. The answers are all about the ‘writing’. You must know what to say before you know the question.” – M. Weber

There’s really not been a way to have 1000 answers ready in your head, except to have years of experience.” – Ross Johnson

I wish there had been a way for me to practice answering questions on stage twenty years ago. But there wasn’t.” – Jon Stetson

I simply feed the question back to them.” – Bob Cassidy.

And now there’s a solution to every reason it’s difficult to learn cold reading or the Question Answer act.

Q Kards gives you a scripted answer for the questionbefore you know what the client’s question is!

You can practice one answer at a time, or do six, seven or eight at a time. All at your pace.

The readings are provided.

SIDE 3 – Advanced Techniques for Professionals

Q Kards was designed for use by professionals. The easy to use, easy to learn aspects are benefits. If you study the system to its higher levels. If you’re willing to invest more brain power, a little memory and some advanced technique, Q Kards is the precision tool for the discriminating performer.

Advanced performers can easily control which question a spectator thinks. He can put the question in, or take it out. He is ALWAYS in complete control.

Ironically, this control is the feature that makes Q Kards perfect for beginning mentalists.

The method is both quick, easy and accurate for the beginner, and detailed and deep for the advanced student.

There are eight routines included in the package. Each one different. From one-on-one readings to a full stage or cabaret show.

The props are learned so you’re always ready.

Over 35 questions could be answered (although many fewer are recommended for a fast paced act.)

You don’t need to memorize 1000 answers.

Learn a handful, at your own pace, and you’ll be able to perform RIGHT AWAY

NOTICE: The cards part of Q Kards are a secret handful of business cards. Each card contains the hidden answers. Unlocking this secret feature is the diabolical method of Q Kards. The cards are often completely unseen by the viewing audience.

If you want to learn to do private readings.

If you want to learn to answer questions,

If you’re looking for a direct and stealth method for UNWRITTEN Q&A,

Amateur or professional, QuestA Cards is for you.


Q Kards has 8 routines for you on the MP4 video. Some are show performance routines. These have a built-in component that can be used as the climax ending to your Q&A.

There is built-in comedy! Yes, a JOKE question pops up from time to time.

You have the witty answer.

If you wish you can make the single joke the perfect ending to the length of answers.

Or, choose not to use any of the joke questions at all – for serious presentations like seances.

Although Q Kards can be the perfect advantage to teach beginners how to give accurate readings or answer questions, it should NOT fall into the hands of the mere curious.


A full 50 Minute MP4 Video - with 4 of the 8 routines demonstrated and explained.

A 90 minute audio MP3 explaining details of all 8 routines and 2 FULL ACTS!.

An illustrated PDF eGuide to help you see and understand the advanced system.

A full hour long preview call with many ideas you will find useful.

An hour long recording of the followup teleconference. This will have many new ideas from other performers.


Q Kards (PDF)


Q Kards Audio (MP3)


Q Kards Followup Call (MP3)


Q Kards Preview (MP3)


Q Kards Video (MP4)

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