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Q&A Workshop

Standard Price
$200.00 You Pay (a $100.00 savings!!)

A Full 4 HOUR Workshop on How to Answer Questions for REAL!


And TONS of METHODS for Q&A Acts!

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Q&A Workshop
Docc Hilford

Here is the FULL $300 workshop attended by hundreds of mentalists across the US.
Recorded as an almost 4 HOUR audio workshop that teaches you HOW TO ANSWER QUESTIONS...
and NOT merely feed the question back!

Every fear and concern about trying to answer strange and personal questions will be gone.
After this intense course, you’ll feel confident to answer ALL QUERIES put to you as a PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC.

This is how to make money in mentalism!

The MP3 is divided into three parts:
The opening COURSE IN Q&A covers over 50 different topics in detail.

On the MP3 is the original and incredibly accurate...
Docc Hilford’s P.A.N. System of learning psychic answers that never fail.
The Most Theatrical System of Answering Mental Questions Ever Devised!
And its so EASY to LEARN!
Once learned, you’ll be able to give psychic reading anywhere at any time!

The Hull Secret Training Exercise to strengthen your new question answering skills.



  • Docc’s Q&A Background
  • Q&A Insight by Orville Meyer, Dr. Richard Ireland, Ormond McGill
  • Which Three Q&A Routines Does Docc Use Now?
  • Selling Charts After the Demonstration
  • Why Perform Q&A?
  • Who are the Experts?
  • What are Their Preferred Methods?
  • David Alexander’s Simple Q&A Secret
  • Why Does Q&A Make More Money Than a Straight Mentalism Show?
  • The Trouble With Revealing Personal Information in Today’s Social Media Society
  • Is Q&A Boring? - NO!
  • Secrets to Keeping Audience Interest High
  • A Taste of Husband and Wife Revelations
  • A Weerd! Weekend Example
  • How Long Should You Perform Q&A? - You’ll be Surprised!
  • Richard Ireland’s Amazingly Successful Cocktail Bar Act
  • How do Late-comers Participate in Your Q&A Act?
  • The Psychology of Using Playing Cards in Mentalism
  • Rule 1 - To YouTube or Not To YouTube?
  • Docc’s Terrible Eyeball Blinding Method of Blindfold Reading
  • A Real Spirit Medium’s Blindfold Method and Marketing Plan
  • Other Blindfold Methods
  • Protecting Your Act From Thieves
  • Rule 2 - Annemann’s Q&A Philosophy Applied
  • A Quick List of Q&A Methods
  • Can You Gather Pre-show Information DURING Your Act? - YES!
  • How to do J. Thurman Lord’s Q&A - Used by Ormond McGill
  • BONUS - McGill’s Super Secret NO GIMMICK Q&A
  • BONUS - An Actual Voodoo Doctor’s Botanica Q&A Act
  • Rule 3 - How to Never Open or Look at the Billets
  • Why Docc Calls a Billet a “Billet” in the Show
  • Using More Than One Method to Hide the Secret
  • Referenced Location to J.G. Thompson’s Q&A
  • Peeks or Reads?
  • Phantini’s Secret to get Extra Information
  • Instructing the Audience in How to Write Their Questions
  • How to Safely Answer Medical Questions Without Dodging it
  • Known Spirit Mediums Techniques You Can Learn
  • How to use the Carl Rogers Technique to Discover the REAL Meaning of a Question
  • How to Answer an Unwritten Question in a Subject’s Mind
  • How to Answer Questions About Deceased Loved-one
  • Stock Answer for Too Serious Question
  • How to Ease Seriousness with Comic Relief
  • How to Easily Acknowledge the Question Without Feeding it Back


  • Changing a Question Into Tasty Pieces That the Audience Enjoys
  • When Too Much is Too Much
  • Rule 4 - How to Make Subjects Validate Your Answers
  • Bold Answers Make Money
  • Using Psychic Feelings to Empathetically Read Minds
  • Revealing a Question Without Saying it
  • Adding Cold Reading to Your Answers
  • BONUS - Dr. Dynamo’s Secret Billet Reading Device
  • Using Stock Cold Reading Lines
  • Four Steps to Powerful Answers
  • Giving Strong Warnings to Subjects
  • Giving Predictions for Their Future
  • Rogerian Patient Centered Therapy Technique for Answering Questions
  • Examples of Questions and Answers
  • And...
  • Docc Hilford’s P.A.N. System of Giving Psychic Answers That Never Fail
  • Over 50 Examples!
  • SUPER BONUS - Docc’s Infamous M.O.T.H.E.R. System for Answering Questions
  • The Hull Secret Training Exercise for Answering Questions!
  • Remembering Batchelor Pad for Pre-show Tests
  • Tying up some loose ends
  • “Your Mama” - presentation and effect only
  • Revealing Personal yet Public Information
  • The Facts About Hot Reading
  • The Tossed Out Deck’s Original Presentation

How’s that for an extensive workshop?

If you like mentalism...
If you’ve ever thought about being able to perform a full Q&A act...
I’ll promise you this...
After taking this workshop and doing the simple yet effective training...


The RETAIL fee for this complete workshop and training is $300.
Hundreds of mentalists have paid that fee.
...and they didn’t get a recording that they could review; they simply took notes.

YOU have all the information...
YOU have FIVE SPECIAL BONUES that were NOT included in the workshop...
YOU can review the information over and over at your convenience...
and YOU will NOT pay the full $300 fee!

There's Even More!!!


By May 2019, we will have had a 2 HOUR conference call where all YOUR questions were answered.
Many questions were discussed...

This is a $99 VALUE by itself!


The 2 HOUR conference was co-hosted by a WORLD RENOWNED MENTALIST...
A man who has performed for the King and Queen of Sweden...
A professional mentalist who PERFORMS Q&A EVERY SHOW!

In the Conference Call you’ll get the EXTRA BONUS - Dr. A’s Blindfold Q&A Routine

You get...

  • The $300 4 Hour MP3 workshop
  • Including the original and accurate P.A.N. Method for answering ANY questions,
  • The Hull Secret Training Exercise,
  • Five BONUSES not shared in the live workshops,
  • BONUS 1 - McGill’s Super Secret NO GIMMICK Q&A
  • BONUS 2 - An Actual Voodoo Doctor’s Botanica Q&A Act
  • BONUS 3 - Dr. Dynamo’s Secret Billet Reading Device
  • SUPER BONUS 4 - Docc’s Infamous M.O.T.H.E.R. System for Answering Questions

A 2 HOUR Conference call co-hosted by celebrity, Jon Stetson...
And EXTRA BONUS 5 - Dr. A’s Blindfold Q&A Routine
...and recored as an MP3 (a $99 Value),

The MP3 Audio is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD, so you will start TODAY!

Remember, there is NOTHING like the thrill of answering personal questions!




Q&A Workshop (MP3)

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