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Richey Technique Pro Package

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The Richey Technique revealed is the secret method of Rev. Dr. Patrick Richey. It allows you to answer three questions that are never written by the sitter. Anything can be answered.

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What Richey Really Revealed

“You could start a church with that!”

Pretty strong words that tend to get thrown around these days. But if you had a chance to spend time with a man who REALLY started a psychic church, would you take it? If that man shared his innermost secrets, what would that be worth?

The Revered Dr. Patrick Richey was a real man with a real psychic church. And he built his empire on a single technique. THE RICHEY TECHNIQUE. In 1992 Docc Hilford spent time with this infamous mind reader, man of God and charlatan. Richey taught Docc every move, every subtlety and every psychological ploy. The basic method of mind reading was published in the book, THE RICHEY TECHNIQUE REVEALED, but what Richey REALLY revealed is in the Doccinar.

The effect is startling;

Three participants think of questions. The mentalist writes an answer to each question on an index card and seals it inside an envelope. The answers can be opened at the reading or taken home to be read later. The answers are 100% CORRECT! They match the questions perfectly including details no one could possibly know!

•  No forces or preshow work.

•  Nothing is gimmicked.

•  No carbons or slit envelopes.

•  No double writing.

•  No psychological double talk.

•  Nothing fishy.

Just clear, concise, specific answers to questions.

This MP4 is almost 3 HOURS LONG!

Docc explains…

The History of the Technique – Different Envelopes and Cards – The LePaul Envelope -Confabulation – The Docc Hilford Wallet Peek – The Burling Hull Peek – The Bandersnatch Peek – Q&A Practice Secrets – Rudy Hunter’s Private Reading Method – Triple Prediction Philosophy – Carl Rogers’ Answers – Clip Boards -  Boudoir Q&A

And much, much more!

The Richey Technique Follow up Teleconference

Buy this now and attend our followup Teleconference. If you can’t make it live you will get an MP3 file.


The full secret behind Dr. Richey’s success on stage answering dozens of questions. All the questions are merely thought. NOTHING IS EVER WRITTEN by the audience. This is an outstanding Q&A method, perhaps the best unwritten method available.


Combined with the information in the PDF eBook, you can use the knowledge of Richey’s spirit seance to earn enough cash to retire like Rev. Richey did; wealthy and happy.

Here is what you get:

3 Hour Video on The Richey Technique

Updated and Expanded ebook

Live Attendance and Download of the Richey Teleconference


The Richey Followup Teleseminar (MP3)


The Richey Technique eBook (PDF)


The Richey Technique Video 1/3 (MP4)


The Richey Technique Video 2/3 (MP4)


The Richey Technique Video 3/3 (MP4)

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