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Roxar's Q&A

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Roxar’s Q&A is a sealed message reading question and answer act. It uses one of the most diabolical method yet devised.

If you love Q&A and secret gimmicks, this act will know you out.

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Amidst the sandy ruins beyond the crumbling Temple of Karnac a worn notebook was discovered. Roxar’s Q&A!

Here is the step-by-step method of the infamous madman, Roxar. His clever thievery of a mystic yogi’s method was all recorded by hand in this priceless notebook.

The collection of sealed questions, the blindfold reading  and the secret gimmick are all illustrated and explained.

Roxar ruled the desert by making a dozen believers write questions on cards and seal them in envelopes. He numbered each envelope from 1 to 12 so they could keep track of each one.

After being blindfolded and letting a spectator examine the first envelope, Roxar began answering the question! He handed both numbered envelope and the actual question back to it’s writer.

Crowds came from across the land to witness this demonstration. Skeptics tried to explain a method with claims of carbons, chemicals or gimmicked envelopes. But none of these were correct.

At one show Roxar let a committee bring their own envelopes and cards. After the performance the envelopes were tested by a laboratory for any chemical residue, but none was found – for none existed!

Each envelope is sealed by the writer and bears a number. The questions aren psychically read with the number showing. The card is then removed. The question card matches the numbered envelope so there is no possibility of a “One Ahead” ploy.

Yet Roxar’s method is as clean and practical as any sealed envelope Q&A could be.

Roxar’s Q&A uses a simple gimmick, but even this can be eliminated if the situation demands. The substitution of an additional clever handling can make this an impromptu Q&A.             Fun to read, but more fun to perform.

Roxar’s Q&A by Docc Hilford is a 40 page, faux hand written and illustrated.


Roxar's Q&A (PDF)

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