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Scarlet Dragon

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The Golden Dragon is a sampler of 7 effects from Docc Hilford. Different effects with billets, switching, private reading, spirit messages. With cards, numbers and bank notes.

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If you walk down a dark alley and turn left, you’ll discover a mysterious restaurant and night club. The Scarlet Dragon! Inside you’ll find the wonderfully odd and sensually hypnotic.

The Scarlet Dragon is the second of a two-part set of Docc’s  “Best Of” collection. Its 63 pages contain six original effects, some never before in print. And you get a FULL BOOK.

The Veil Drawn has never before been published. If you want to read a billet on the fly, in front of a crowd, surrounded, and have it all done BEFORE anyone thinks you’ve begun… this is it! This method is one of the finest ever conceived. Really. It was only shared with a couple of mentalists because Docc uses it. It was to be sold as a separate item for $40, now it’s here.

Swamp Water is a complete play performed close up. A question is written and put in a mason jar filled with haunted swamp water. The spirits visibly eat the paper and write and answer on an initialed slip. Right before the eyes of the audience. Others have taken this method of revelation and sold it for $25. Here’s the original and complete routine.

Desire is a billet routine with three distinct payoffs, as well as some spirit writing. All done anywhere, anytime. Jeff McBride said he started performing this for his “special” clients.

In-Nile-Lation, an update to an old trick. Now you can perform Real Time with one person thinking of a number and several others calling out digits to make the same total.  When explained in a 2003 lecture, it started a few top minds contemplating. Here is the original thinking on this classic trick.

Numerology Card was discovered hidden in a magazine by members of the Psychic Entertainers Association. They went wild with variations and now you can too. Give numerology readings with a deck of cards.

Exchange It lets you borrow ANY DENOMINATION bill from a single member of the audience. He seals it in an envelope and you reveal the serial number! But you also prove you predicted what value bill he would choose from his wallet. Highly entertaining and practical.

Hey Mr DJ is the perfect routine for those who want to leave their audiences dancing! It’s pitched to the booker as an upsell because it allows you to offer what no other performer can – a way to get the party away from their tables and on the dance floor! The music/DJ based routine can be performed with a live DJ or your own iPod. Here’s the complete book that originally sold for $20.

The value of two tricks and the book alone is $85. That doesn’t include any of the previously published tricks. If you bought all the books these came from you’d spend over $195!

The Scarlet Dragon is only $25 complete with color illustrations.


The Scarlet Dragon eBook (PDF)

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