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Secret Venues

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Secret Venues is rundown of several different venues where YOU become the producer. Step-by-step of how to turn a common location into a money making venue. many are not working now.

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Here are the proven venues that earn top dollar with simple shows. Places that have been closely guarded by the few performers in the know. Each chapter is worth $100 if sold separately!

Docc Hilford has made a living as a full time pro in these venues for years. Now so can you!

Earn $1000 to $2500 each show!

6  Unworked Secret Venues

Over 90 pages

Designed  for mentalists & magicians

6 Complete acts

Sales letters & phone scripts tells who to see & how to sell them

Many tricks fully explained

Docc takes an in-depth look at places other performers have skipped. he explains why these venues need performers, how to approach them what to use to get the booking and even what acts he personally uses at these venues. Docc explains original tricks, full scripted acts and best of all how to make money.

These are venues not approached by most entertainers because YOU become the producer of the show. Therefore, you make all the profits.

All the venues are located in almost any city, town or village. They’re in your own area. And YOU can make money with the act you already have.


Secret Venues (PDF)

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