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Sphinx Divination

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An unbelievable number prediction reaching a grand total of nearly 100 million!
The audience openly creates a simple but extremely difficult multiplication problem; one so hard it must be reckoned on a calculator.
All of your actions are viewable by the audience as you work on a white board or sketch pad. Without any forces, switches or complicated formulas, using random numbers given you by the audience, you’re able to predict an 8 digit product every time.
Right now you can get...
The SUMERIAN NUMEROLOGY ACT, a $49 value at no extra cost!
(See the lower half of the description)

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Predicting things to come is possibly the most impressive talent a mentalist allegedly possesses. The idea that a mystic can foresee the future is, in fact, so indelibly etched in the public’s mind that psychics are referred to as “fortune tellers”. However, many mentalists lack a direct prediction in their program or the prediction is merely part of a multiple ending tacked on as flashy showmanship. What is a clear, direct and powerful prediction for mentalists?
One answer is a number prediction. Mathematic problems, when simple yet difficult, scare the living daylights out of your audience. There’s a deeply emotional fear of having to do maths in public. And if a mentalist can summon a fear such as this in his audience, then battle and conquer it, the response is intense! Ted Annemann knew this. Al Koran knew it. As do all the successful mentalists of our time. 
Sphinx Divination begins as a simple arithmetic problem. Two spectators think of two digit numbers. These are written together on a white board in view of everyone, to make a random four digit number. You explain that if multiplied by four other random numbers, the product would be impossible for anyone to guess. “We’ll do it twice, add the products together and get an insane number!”, because you want this final number to be inconceivably hard to predict.
You write the chosen number on the board again. Audience members give you single digits that are visibly placed under the other numbers on the board until all eight spots are filled. Everyone is instructed to multiply the first pair of numbers. Then, to do it again with the second set. Finally, they’re to add both products together creating a monstrous sum total.
This final sum comes to, say 28,673,591. The prediction you made before a single number was ever written on the board is shown around. It’s the same number!
Sphinx Divination lets everyone in the room participate because we all carry calculators in our phones. 
The process is visible to everyone, unlike other number tricks. 
The problem is simple; multiply two numbers, do it twice and add the two products together.
But the problem is extremely troublesome. People today have difficulty subtracting two digit numbers. Sphinx Divination predicts a number as high as nearly 100 million!
Most prediction effects are based on a force, if not several forces. Sphinx Divination doesn’t force any numbers.
In other tricks if the numbers aren’t forced, then the prediction must be altered at the conclusion. Sphinx Divination let’s you announce your prediction aloud before anything begins! Because the prediction isn’t changed, it’s really an open prediction.
Sphinx Divination doesn’t need any special props, wallets, pads, pens or hidden electronics.
You can perform it close-up or on stage.
Sphinx Divination is as big or as intimate as you prefer.
It has scripted comic relief built in so Sphinx Divination is entertaining as well as amazing.
Last, and most important, Sphinx Divination is EASY TO DO.
When on stage, the last thing you need is to worry about doing arithmetic in your head. Sphinx Divination uses an ancient, yet invisible method that’s as easy as adding 2 + 5 to get 7. Really. If you can do that a couple of times, you’re done!
Sphinx Divination is so strong the Docc Hilford cabaret show, performed in resort hotels around the world, has used it as the closer for over 100 performances.
Because of it’s flexability, Sphinx Divination is perfect for...
  • Hypnosis shows,
  • Memory demonstrations,
  • School programs,
  • Speaking dates,
  • Assemblies,
  • Restaurant table work,
  • Cocktail parties,
And if you perform the now infamous effect, The Recollector, the addition of Sphinx Divination makes it a full act!
After the telepathy, the clairvoyance and the Q&A, get the ovation you deserve.
Sphinx Divination.
Included in this Pro-Package is this NEW act based on Sphinx Divination.
is an amazing pseudo demonstration of ancient numerology where you're able to reveal deep personal facts about a spectator unknown to you!
On a large whiteboard a subject writes a mult-digit number as big as 100 MILLION!
Although you stand away from the board and are legitimately blindfolded,
you can reveal any number the subject mentally selects!
He thinks of a pair and YOU KNOW IT!
Each time you reveal his choice, you explain what his choice means in Sumerian Numerology.
10 TIMES you reveal facts and mentally chosen numbers, with different numbers and in different ways.
  • The audience is drawn into the demonstration of 
  • The accurate readings,
  • The meanings of the different chosen numbers and,
  • The psychic ability to know any numbers the subject thinks!
Docc teaches you how to perform this amazing act and how to use it to pitch tick sheets.
An easy $200 an hour can be made performing this act and selling the sheets.
  • The act is EASY TO DO.
  • The mathamatics are done for you.
  • You never look at the numbers on the board.
  • The blindfold is real.
  • You don't have to mentally calculate ANYTHING!
If you purchase SHINX DIVINATION, this complete act...
explained in detail on an HOUR LONG MP3 file,
is included AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!
You can perform this act in about 7 minutes...
That means you can sell at least $50 worth of ticks sheets every demonstration.
  • In your stage show,
  • At a flea market,
  • On a dance floor,
  • In a shopping mall,
  • or a renaissance fair...
The SUMERIAN NUMEROLOGY ACT draws people in automatically.
And amazes them thoroughly!
NOTE: Tick sheets and cold reading systems are subjects covered in other Doccinars.


Sphinx Divination (MP4) Video


Sumerian Numerology Act (MP3) Audio

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