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Spirit Slate Doccinarthumb

Spirit Slate Doccinar

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Spirit Slate Doccinar is all about spirit slates.Example of multiple flaps, ungimmicked slates, original counts and varioustricks. You’ll learn a spirit writing effect that you can use with any slates or blank cards. There’s a full, pocket seance entitled, SIN SEANCE and an ungimmicked MENTAL EPIC routine.

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Spirit writing on slates is one of the most exciting effects a mentalist or magician can produce. Yet it’s so often done like a card trick.

In this full length MP4 video, Docc Hilford discuses and teaches some great techniques, philosophies and original tricks involving slates.

You’ll learn:

How to make super thin flaps for pennies,

How to use multiple flaps,

A superior slate count that fools the keenest eye,

An original spirit writing routine entitled “Sin Séance”,

Why slates are preferred to white boards,

An ungimmicked Mental Epic,

and more!


Spirit Slates Audio (MP3)


Spirit Slates Video (MP4)

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