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Syndrome Deck Doccinar

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The Syndrome Deck allows you to INSTANTLY know any card FREELY chosen from a SHUFFLED and examined deck!

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The Syndrome Deck allows you to INSTANTLY know any card FREELY chosen from a SHUFFLED and examined deck!

Here’s one effect:

The deck is shuffled by you and the spectator. You turn your head so you can’t see his selection. He chooses any card – a completely free choice. You INSTANTLY know his card!

Here’s another trick.

The spectator replaces his card anywhere in the deck. You cut the cards and he shuffles them. With any witty patter, you tell him the card he claimed to have chosen isn’t in the deck. He goes through the cards and his is the only card missing!

This is only a couple of examples of what the Syndrome Deck can do.

There are virtually 1000s of effects possible.

You instantly know any card chosen.

You can instantly find any card chosen.

You can control a spectator’s choice of color.

The deck can be used in any normal card effect.

The cards are examinable by the audience.

The deck can be shuffled and cut by the spectator.

Riffle, overhand shuffles and cuts can be used.

The Syndrome Deck is an EXAMINABLE, SHUFFLE-ABLE deck of cards that enables you to perform at least a 1000 different effects!

A good gimmicked deck of cards can make a reputation for a mentalist or magician. Look at Brainwave and the Ultra Mental or Invisible deck. It’s almost impossible to beat them for direct effect and clean operation – but the Syndrome Deck beats them! Because it’s EXAMINABLE.

A stacked or memorized deck is an awesome weapon. There are endless great effects possible. But as soon as a spectator shuffles the cards, you’re lost! The Syndrome Deck is miles above that thinking. It’s SHUFFLE-ABLE!

And yet, the Syndrome Deck isn’t really a gimmicked deck. It has all 52 cards and a joker. It can be used for any card effect that requires a normal deck. It can be handled by spectators. And it remains secretly gimmicked.

The Syndrome Deck isn’t really a stacked deck either. It can be shuffled by you or any spectator. It can be overhand, dovetail or riffled shuffled face up! When spread face up, you’ll see the order of the cards change after every shuffle. And the Syndrome Deck remains in order!

Based on a new principle, Docc Hilford’s Syndrome Deck gimmick can be applied to any deck of playing cards in less than 3 minutes at home or at a show!

Once you understand the gimmick and secret arrangement, you will always have it ready to apply to any deck of cards.

No special printed cards

No rough and smooth

No duplicate cards

No marked cards

No sleight of hand

No memorization

No force cards

No reflectors

The SYNDROME DECK is fully explained on a 25 minute MP4 video.

It includes a full hour MP3 audio Doccinar of deeper handlings and more presentations.

And finally a follow up LIVE conference call to answer any questions you have about the deck. (A $19 value)

All of this plus the most exciting deck in years … Only $49

BONUS - Included in the hour Doccinar is an exclusive method of revealing any UNWRITTEN question with a single playing card! A presentation that works with the Syndrome Deck like magic! This is a precursor to 1 Card Q&A.

The SYNDROME DECK Q&A is included FREE. (a $19 value)


Syndrome Audio Supplement (MP3)


Syndrome Followup Call (MP3)


Syndrome Video Doccinar (MP4)

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