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TeleFUNKick let's you apparently cause a subject to see what you have in mind.
A deck is shuffled by a committee of spectators and rubber banded.
They all look at the top card. 
A separate subject is telepathically hypnotized and looks at the top card.
When the subject comes out of his trance, he discovers the card he thought he saw is not on top, nor even in the deck!
The target card is sealed in an envelope held by the committee.
This amazing demonstration can be performed without holding the deck!
Easy to do.

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TeleFUNKick is what commercial mentalism is really all about!
What mentalists have wanted for decades, TeleFUNKick finally delivers.
Presented as the $10,000.00 Telepathic Hypnosis Challenge, TeleFUNKick causes a random subject to see what isn’t really there.
A result of telepathic hypnosis, and it’s proven repeatedly until everyone is satisfied.
EFFECT: A regular deck of cards, they can be borrowed, are shuffled by a committee member. The deck is rubber banded to ensure nothing changes in the deck’s order.
The mentalist relinquishes possession of the cards over to the committee of three.
Each participant on the committee peeks at the top card by lifting it up.
The mentalist concentrates and telepathically hypnotizes the subject. 
The subject closes his eyes for a count of three, then looks at the top card of the deck, without the mentalist touching the cards.
The test is over, now to check the results.
The subject states that he saw the top card as the EIGHT OF HEARTS.
The committee all state that the top card is actually the JACK OF SPADES!
The telepathic hypnosis was successful.
The rubber band is removed and the SINGLE top card is shown to be the JACK OF SPADES!
To be certain there was nothing tricky, the next card bellow is checked to be indifferent, and the following cards examined and nowhere is the EIGHT OF HEARTS.
The mentalist offers even more proof that the subject saw the EIGHT OF HEARTS due to a result of telepathic hypnosis.
A person in the audience displays an envelope that was given him before the demonstration.
It has a message stating, “I will make the subject THINK he sees the EIGHT OF HEARTS!” 
The target card chosen by the mentalist is the card the subject thought he saw. It wasn’t a random choice by the subject.
Finally, inside the envelope is the real EIGHT OF HEARTS.
And when added to the other 51 cards, it completes the 52 card deck which MAY BE EXAMINED!
  • The deck can be borrowed.
  • It’s shuffled by a committee member.
  • The mentalist can operate TeleFUNKick without holding the deck.
  • The subject can look at the top card while the committee holds the cards.
  • The subject actually sees the target card.
  • No stooges or secret whispers or covert messages.
  • The special gimmick does all the work.
  • The gimmick can be disposed of as soon as the top card is examined.
  • The gimmick is easy to reset for walk around work.
  • No assistants.
  • No pre-show work.
  • No double faced or double backed cards.
  • No misprinted indices.
  • No specially printed cards. 
  • No sleight of hand.
  • The trick can be repeated and the cards will be different.
  • The full deck can be used for other tricks after TeleFUNKick.
  • No loading of the envelope.
  • No carbon paper or gimmicked envelopes.
  • TeleFUNKick is big enough to play on stage.
  • Clever enough to pass close-up observation.
Using Docc’s presentation you get no less than SEVEN multi-level CLIMAXES!
Each one more fascinating than the previous.
TeleFINKick is funny.
TeleFINKick is amazing!
TeleFINKick is unexplainable!
TeleFINKick is an audience pleaser. 
TeleFINKick is commerical mentalism.
The very first trick in Ted Anneman’s The Jinx was Hallucination, by Eddie Clever.
It was a similar effect, but accomplished by using a heavily gimmicked card that could NOT withstand close scrutiny.
It was a great effect, but used a bold and often discoverable method.
TeleFINKick, at long last, allows the long desired effect to finally be accomplished with a new, undetectable and outlandishly clever gimmick.
“You’ve never seen a gimmick like this before!”   --   Michael T.
It’s one of the most original card gimmicks I’ve ever seen!”   --   Jason M.
Another home run for the Doccster!”   --   Nathan R.
You get easy to follow instructions on how to operate the TeleFUNKick gimmick.
Also, on the video you’ll get a special code to order as many finished gimmicks as you want at the wholesale price. 
Plus, step-by-step instructions on how to make your own gimmicks and save money.
Making your own gimmicks is easy and can insure the target card is the card you want.
Everything is contained on a 90 minute MP4 video that you can watch RIGHT NOW!
Get TeleFUNKick and get it on!


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