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The P3 Pro Course

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The Secrets of Perfect Paid Performances is a 200 page eBook. Through a series of easy to fill in worksheets, stories and detailed descriptions of various acts and tricks, the P3 eBook automatically creates the perfect act for you, your audiences and those who want to book you.

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Whether you perform magic or mentalism you are probably not treated like an artist. Ours is one of the greatest of all the performing arts, but let’s face it, we just don’t rate very high in people’s minds. Comedians, singers, and actors get greater respect and command much higher fees. Now you can be noticed as a true professional, thanks to this valuable information.

Even if you perform occasionally or are a nonprofessional, you will gain new stature among those who see you perform.

Perform the Tricks You Really Enjoy

The best feature of this miracle method is that you don’t need to learn anything new. You can do the tricks YOU really enjoy performing. That’s right, you can be you. There is no need to change the way you perform or what you perform. There is no need for long classes on showmanship or acting. All you need is to fill in the blanks, and you will be more in demand than you have ever been. You will also make much more money from each performance.

Increase Your Fee by Four Times!

Not long ago I personally applied this wonderful system and now I’m able to charge four times as much per show! I am able to do the magic I like doing, for people I like, when I like and where I like. And best of all, I don’t have to sell any more shows than I was to do it.

About a half dozen magicians and mentalists have recently applied, or are now applying, the secrets of this method and have had similar results. They are amazed at how easy the whole thing is to use. There is no added selling, in fact, after applying this miracle you’ll be selling less and performing more!

The miracle is NOT a clever gimmick or selling technique. It is NOT a new market or better tricks. It is NOT about advertising or marketing. It is NOT about showmanship or acting. Yet it will make all of those elements of your act work better!

This miracle comes in the form of a 8 ½ x 11, 200 page book, titled: The Secrets of Perfect Paid Performances. But, it is much more than a book. It is a self working system to success. It has brought fame and fortune to all who have applied it. Now it will do the same for you!

Over Forty Contributors Share the Secret of Success

For the past 25 years I have made notes during discussions with top acts. As a stage manager and sound engineer, I chatted for hours with Tammy Wynett, Alice Cooper, Willie Nelson, Gallagher, Weird Al Yankovich, Areosmith, Black Sabbath, Kool and the Gang, Andy Williams, and many others. The simple system I discovered is merely the common thread between forty different professional performers.

All those acts rose much higher than 99% of magicians or mentalists. They know exactly what they are doing. And they probably worked less on their act than you have, but they know the secrets – the Secrets of Perfect Paid Performances.

Just Fill in the Blanks and the System Does the Works for You!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to learn anything new. That’s what makes this thing so great. The book is divided into chapters that act as lessons. Each lesson has worksheets. All you have to do is read the lesson and fill in the worksheet. The sheets are not tests, you merely fill in the blanks with answers that pertain to you.

The lessons are actually stories of my experiences in the world of professional show biz. The stories are entertaining and easy to read. You’ll read about lurid tales of backstage, and what goes on in the mind of magician eating from the pay he makes each show. And when you’ve finished each lesson you’ll know how to fill the blanks of the worksheets. The worksheets will then have all the secrets you require to be a complete success.

Check Out the Nine Lessons…

In the Secrets of Perfect Paid Performances you’ll receive these nine lessons:


1.       The Booker, the Audience, and You

There are three elements in a theatrical arch: the booker, the audience and you. In this lesson you’ll discover who the ACTUAL booker is, who makes up YOUR audience, and how YOU must be pleased with what you’re doing.

2.       The Six Questions That Must be Asked First

Here is an in-depth study of the three elements of your theatrical arch. These six simple questions must be asked of all three elements before you can hope to be successful in show biz. After reading this lesson, you’ll fill in the answers on a worksheet and you’ll know more about what you’re doing than 99% of magicians or mentalists alive today.

You’ll study the wants and needs of those who will hire you and those who will experience your performance. You’ll learn how to interview your character, your persona and you. (And they are all different!)

3.       From Soup to Nuts or Beginning, Middle and End

In this lesson you will be able to drop a lot of what has been taught to us as rules of showmanship, much of which are outdated or even plain wrong! You’ll be able to grab an audience’s attention and turn it into a desire. Something that most magicians and mentalists fail to do. After filling in the worksheet, you’ll have a very powerful tool to use at any performance, large or small.

4.       What Does it All Mean, Ethel?

Themes are often used in magic, but they are also often misunderstood. This lesson will guide you in tailoring your act to a specific theme, perhaps for a company or corporate client.

5.       Pick up the Pace

Moving your act from its opening to its finale’ is not a matter of routining the tricks in a specific order. That was automatically done in lesson 3. This lesson demonstrates how to move forward as well as how to move your audience. It is what is lacking in countless acts.

6.       Block it Out, Man!

Most magicians and mentalists know very little about stagecraft. In this lesson you will see how easy it is to block your stage, whether you are a walk around magician or a close-up mentalist.

7.       Practical Programs or Original Routines

Here are several complete shows of original material that you can perform. My complete Star Tradeshow Act illustrates much of what you have already learned in the previous lessons. It is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to anyone wishing to do trade show magic. You’ll get it free in this lesson.

8.       Exercises for Excellence

This lesson will teach you how to create your own tricks. Unlike any formula in print before, you’ll be able to turn simple tricks into miracles or even create a new trick out of one that is old and discarded.

You’ll also be able to construct a full act by simply filling in the blanks in the worksheet and applying the secrets.

9.       Programs of the Past or Compare and See

Here are some examples of past acts that are typical of magic acts performed today. Against the backdrop of the Secrets of Perfect Paid Performances they stand out as awful!

PLUS all the Secrets are listed in a separate and easy to find lesson. Ten chapters in all. Over two hundred pages!

Get Lots of Free Tricks and Routines as Well

Lesson 7 contains full acts that you can perform, but you’ll get even more free tricks! Used as examples in different lessons are many of the tricks I was planning on publishing separately. You’ll get great new and original tricks like: Any Card Thought of in the Spectator’s Wallet Trick. Yes, that’s right. A spectator thinks of any card and it turns up in his wallet! You’ll get notes on the Cowboy Act, the Guillotine Act, and the Hillbilly Séance. Each lesson will teach you, entertain you and even give you a couple of great new tricks!

Look at what you get:

The Special Report

The full Perfect Paid Performances ebook ($150 normally)

The Star Tradeshow Act ($45 value)


Perfect Paid Performances (PDF)


The Most Powerful Approach (PDF)

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