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Third Man Mentalism

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The Stark Deck

Effect: Two playing card tests are performed.
Telepathy and precognition.
Both are 100% correct!
Easy To Do
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The Stark Deck
Effect: Two tests are performed. Both are 100% correct!
Test 1 - A subject thinks of any playing card. The mentalist writes his thought on a slip of paper. THEY MATCH!
Test 2 - The mentalist writes a prediction on a slip. The subject selects any card he wished from a shuffled deck . THEY MATCH!
This is the walk around routine that made Dr. Nathen Stark a legend.
Comes explained in detail on a downloadable MP4 video.
This is the second featured effect in the Third Man Mentalism line.
Get it now at this rediculous low price.


A new line of products.


Created by some of the best minds in mentalism.

There’s a need for mentalism to be fresh and interesting to an audience. There’s plainly too much stale junk on the market today. Good, original, commercial mentalism is expensive.
The high prices for truly remarkable mentalism is caused by the amount of time and effort unveiled in producing quality. The months and sometimes years of performing before an audience and developing an effect is usually reflected in the retail price.
Anyone can put out a Beta idea that’s never been tested. Sadly, often a low price is an indicator of low quality. Cheap tricks are often bad effects.
My questions is, what’s a guy on a budget supposed to do?
Third Man Mentalism is the answer.
Third Man Mentalism is a new line of great mentalism effects at super affordable prices.
Third Man Mentalism are also specifically chosen effects for those mentalists who simply don’t have time to learn a lot of difficult moves.
Third Man Mentalism effects have a hidden bonus. Each trick will come with both a basic, easy to do method, so you can perform it right out of the box, AND it will have an advanced method. So if you want to learn, say, a better billet switch you can. It will be built into the effect. This way, people who are just starting in mentalism; or want the simplest possible method, can use it. And yet, the door is open to new, cutting edge, avant garde thinking kind of mentalism.
All of the effects are designed by professionals, so they’ll be good.
Third Man Mentalism…
  • Powerful, avant garde effects…
  • Easy to do, with an advanced level presentation included…
  • And priced at about 75% OFF of retail.
So if you’re a beginner, or a seasoned professional,
Third Man Mentalism is a line you can count on.


Stark Deck (MP4)

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