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The Treslibre ebook contains three different books. Alpha describes and explains a perfect any card at and number trick, A.R.C.A.Y.N. The second book, Beta, directs you on a step-by-step construction of the Delta Gimmick. A secret gimmick that’s usable in all sorts of effects. Force almost anything from page numbers to cards. The third book is Gamma. The deep rooted psychological reasons the mind does what is does. The secrets of compliance.

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TRESLIBRE is a three sided book. Each side is it’s own, stand alone chapter.

One of the more popular plots in mentalism today is the so called, Any Card At Any Number premise. My version, A.R.C.A.Y.N. (Any Random Card At Your Number), is essentially the same classic premise, but in its purest form. The Alpha side of Treslinre explains every detail of this classic yet modernized trick.

The Beta side is construction and operation of the Delta Gimmick. Using both A.R.C.A.Y.N. and the Delta Gimmick together creates a solid trick that is described by the above list. It’s amazing.

The final Gamma side, teaches the GAMMA EFFECT so that you can perform ARCAYN without any props. When you’ve learned the technique, you can create almost any mentalism effect you desire.

The trio are completely interactive. You’ll use the Delta Gimmick while you slowly incorporate the GAMMA EFFECT into A.R.C.A.Y.N. Every performance will be a spot on success.

The best thing about Treslibre is doing the trick A.R.C.A.Y.N. teaches you how to use the Gamma Effect. Eventually, you’ll be flying without any wings! Before you know it, you’ll have the secret technique down. You can drop the gimmick and do it with your mind! 

Here’s a description of the basic effect. Learn to do it with the Delta Gimmick, then replace that method with the Gamma Effect.

A deck of cards is on a table some distance for the mentalist. A randomly selected man thinks of any number from 1 to 52 and a similarly selected woman thinks of any playing card. The hostess, NOT the mentalist, deals face up to the man’s number. The chosen card is found located at the elected position in the deck of cards. The mentalist NEVER touches the deck. Unbelievable!

There are possibly as many versions of this classic scenario as there are known forces (at least 202). And most have variations in presentation to accommodate sundry methods.

Not to be confused with methods that require a party to “take a card” or manipulation of the deck later, A.R.C.A.Y.N. uses an entirely different approach.

It maintains the pure effect without copious compromise. It meets all the requirements for the closing PARTY trick, and best of all, it can be built up as a minor miracle.

Here are the features that make A.R.C.A.Y.N. stand out:

The deck of cards remains in full view throughout the demonstration.

It’s NEVER touched by the performer.

A participant deals the cards face-up to the chosen number.

You don’t need to be in the same city as the deck!

All three participants can be located around the world, as in a TV special.

It can be sent to the party weeks before the show.

The deck can be publicized like a challenge, locked in a safe and untouched.

The same deck is used, no switches.

It can be sealed closed.

Nothing is done by ANYONE before the show.

All participants are previously unknown to the performer.

Participants merely think of their number or card.

Nothing is touched, taken or written down.

There are no psychological number forces.

The card and number are unknown until the actual performance.

Any number from 1 to 52 could be chosen.

Any of the 52 cards could be chosen.

Each performance uses a different card and number.

There are absolutely no stooges; instant or otherwise.

No secret cuing.

Both participants are amazed and will swear to their apparent free mental choice

The audience is unaware of the chosen card until it’s revealed and turned face-up.

Because it’s so clean, it’s perfect for TV or radio performances.

The deck can be left with the participants as there is absolutely nothing to find.

The deck is not special in any way.

It’s not even memorized.

Any brand of cards can be used.

It could actually be borrowed.

And best of all…it works EVERY TIME!

THE Delta Gimmick

The catch is a special gimmick that goes undetected by the audience. It’s as natural, obvious and remains hidden in full view, as say, your wrist watch, pen or wallet. Although no one would ever want to see the Delta Gimmick, in theory it’s examinable. And what’s best is that this secret gimmick is only in play for a few seconds! The audience won’t even notice it was used at all!

This is NOT a “duel reality” pipe dream. It’s been used before many paying audiences. It’s based on a clearly sound idea. And now those who have seen this have been filled with a desire to perform it, and knocked down by the sheer simplicity of method.


The Delta Gimmick is much, much more than a method to ARCAYN. It’s designed to be used in countless other ways! It will enable a mentalist to perform endless variations of the original effect. For example…

A spectator can privately open a book to any page, remember the page number and close it. Another person thinks of a word and says it aloud. The book is opened to the selected page and the first word is read, and…it matches the man’s word!

Or, if we turn to playing cards again, a woman puts a deck behind her back and reverses an unknown card in it. A man thinks of a card…and you guessed it, they match!

Dr. Jaks would have had a jumbo deck truly mixed. Five jumbo cards selected and placed on an easel. Four of those are turned face out, and the remaining jumbo is unknown. A different person thinks of a card…and you know the rest.

Another professional magician suggested working with cities. He has a woman secretly circle a city on a small world map and fold it up. He gives a man a mental choice of maybe 40 or 50 cities throughout the world. He names it and…it matches her selection. (I love this because there’s absolutely no brain work for the mentalist! He doesn’t even know what the city is until both parties reveal it.)

With some special modifications, the DELTA Gimmick will work with words, numbers, cities, designs, Zodiac signs, dates, names and, of course, cards, cards, cards! The utilitarian possibilities of the Delta Gimmick are best described as Herculean!


A new manuscript, The GAMMA EFFECT, icluded in Treslibre, teaches a step-by-step method to perform everything you just read WITHOUT A SINGLE PROP! That’s right, no gimmicks at all.

Having performed with the Delta Gimmick for quite a while, I began to combine it with psychological ploys from Dr. Philip Zimbardo’s epic textbook, The Lucifer Effect. Soon, I discovered I didn’t need the gimmick. With the help of David Alexander as the seasoned magician and Dr. Asia Eaton as the social psychology expert, we isolated the exact script that forces people to comply with your wishes.

This actually means that you can think of a number and a card and THE SPECTATORS WILL CHOOSE THEM! I know it sounds too good to be true, but it works.

This is NOT a form of NLP or a type of duel reality. It is based on the well understood technique of CONFORMITY, CONSISTENCY and COMPLIANCE. This is how salesmen get you to buy a $500 blue suit when you came in for a $250 black one. And how he gets you to add a couple of $80 shirts! It’s the method cult leaders have used to control their members and why subjects in the Asch Experiments went along with everyone else, even though they knew the answers were wrong. The GAMMA EFFECT is why subjects in the famous Milgram Experiments gave what they believed were lethal electrocutions to innocent students. The GAMMA EFFECT worked on them and it will work on YOUR audience!

Many mentalists, including myself, have been using the GAMMA EFFECT in various degrees, but now we have an actual script from which to learn every detail. And best of all, the question of why it works has been fully addressed by Dr. Zimbardo in his book and Dr. Eaton by her first hand exposure.


Treslibre (PDF)

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