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Vault DVD

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The Vault is a 2 DVD set of seven of Docc Hilford’s most practical mentalism and bizarre effects.

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The Vault is open! Free are the seven deadly demons straight from the depths of Hades. These devils are temporarily contained in a two DVD set that demonstrates and explains effects I use almost daily. Shot in a 17th century vault in Southern England, these DVDs hold nothing back.

In my travels around the world, I perform six or seven strong stunts that seem like the real thing. Some of these require small props, some none at all, but all are memorable. In this bag of tricks, are serious ones and comic ones. Tricks for close-up and stand-up. Impromptu and prepared. These are the seven tricks that establish me as a real mentalist.

We all realize the incongruity of a self proclaimed mentalist not being able to demonstrate his apparent powers because he has “nothing with” him. It’s apparent to all that talent should not require a special situation or set-up. After learning the tricks from The Vault, you’ll never be caught unable to impress.

The strangest piece on the discs is Slit. So bizarre, it requires a disclaimer. This effect uses REAL BLOOD; your real blood. After decreasing your blood preasure to a point where your pulse is almost nonexistent, you use a small blade to cut a slit in your hand. It begins to bleed. The blood is really yours and it comes directly from the wound! Covered with a clean linen cloth, a few incantations later, and it’s completely healed. This effect is no joke. I use it only when I want to impress like a sledge hammer.

There’s a special bonus section that shows me using this effect as part of a simple mindreading demonstration. The attractive woman almost fainted. I’ve never released this trick, keeping it for myself. But the winged beast has flown from the confines of The Vault.

In the damp labyrinth of the tomb is a performance of the famed Ball & Tube routine. This little trick is not only entertaining in it’s own right, but induces an actual hypnotic state of suggestibility in the participants. Rather than a steel ball sinking and rising in a tube, this routine makes the ball seem to actually shrink. Most of the routine is performed WITHOUT A GIMMICK so you’re clean long before the climax. Best of all, it happens in the spectator’s hand. Ball & Tube was explained in a popular booklet several years ago, now you can see the effect it has on an audience first hand. And this huge effect is disproportionate to the small prop easily carried in your pocket.

There’s even bonus material using a delicate skeleton key to induce hypnosis.

In a little leather case with my Ball & Tube, I also carry Styx. This is a close-up number game that demonstrates an ability to mentally add digits faster than a calculator. In most people the fear of mathematics is a strong subconscious demon. Unlike other mental calculator tricks, Styx builds in difficulty until you seem like a mastermind. The believability factor is milked for everything it’s worth. Beginning with quick, yet simple calculations and concluding at unbelievably complex calculations, Styx has a startling climax that defys explanation. You predict a total before anyone even knows what numbers will be added!

Stand up mentalism can be difficult without large props. So tricks like impromptu book tests that really hold together are worth a sovereign’s ransom. The Nostrum Booktest is based on my previously published magazine trick. Over the past five years of performing it in more than a dozen different countries, Nostrum Booktest has become a constant companion. Imagine my surprise when a long lost Dutch film of Chan Canasta shows him performing a similar effect! This test is not about revealing a word or words. It’s about mind control, loss of free choice, predicting the future, doubt and the ability of the audience to tap into an unholy power.

It’s performed with ANY paperback book. It’s ready any where, any time, and is big enough and strong enough to be performed on the largest stage. I use it in my full shows from Sydney to Paris!

Women love mentalism. Pendule successfully entertains half a dozen women at once. They all participate. They stay comfortably in their seats around a table. They gasp with delight as you reveal hidden facts about them with they had thought unknown. There are no less than nine effects that blend and build to a stunning climax.

The entire show – for that’s what this routine is, a show – is constructed around a beautiful crystal locket. Mix antique jewelry and powerful mind reading for a table of women and you have Pendule. Like crack for shuteyes, another of the seven demons is released from the crypts.

Time travel has always been a popular theme for mentalism and magick. The Time Machine is a tribute to the H. G. Wells novel. It contains all the original patter that over the past fifteen years has made its way into the tricks other performers. The seed was spawn from an old Larry Becker idea, but this is the original presentation that proves beyond all doubt that time travel is not only possible, but was the origin of the famous novel.

With nothing more than a “borrowed” coin and a piece of paper, an entire audience will be transported back over a hundred years in the past to witness a moment of history. This routine has been compared with Jarrow’s dime trick in the fact that it’s as small as any close-up trick can be, yet elicits breathless response from an entire theatre.

As if it were possible to join Docc six stories beneath a monastery, you’ll be there as we talk about the theory and application of strong mentalism today.


Disc One Running Time Approximately: 1hr 35mins

Disc Two Running Time Approximately: 1hr 50mins


The Vault DVD

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