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Whispering Buddha Pro Package

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The Whispering Buddha Pro Package is an actual and workable method. The rotuine lets a spectator really hear an answer to their secretly written question from an inanimate statue. The little Buddha whispers answers any question and reveal secret information. No electronics or ventriloquism. Just a super advanced waking hypnosis and NLP technique. Fully explained in eBook, script, video and audio.

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The classic Whispering Buddha effect is one of the greatest and strangest in magic. Greatest because of its simple and direct effect, yet strange because few have actually performed it!

That’s about to change. Years ago, Docc Hilford developed a workable method with his colleague, the late German mentalist, Punx. The result was a routine that maintained the clean directness of the original idea and made performance easy on the entertainer. The Whispering Buddha is a now powerful reality.

EFFECT - The mage shows an antique statue of the Buddha. A participant writes a wish, the name of a person, a location where they could both enjoy the wish and a question on a little prayer paper. The paper is burned to ash. In whispers the idol discloses everything on the paper and answers the personal question. Amazingly, the spectator hears the statue whisper the information!

In the 1920s, Joe Ovette marketed an effect that was subsequently published in Corinda’s Thirteen Steps to Mentalism. In that version, the method was simple; you read the lips of the participant when she whispered her question to the statue! Simple, however near impossible to accomplish.

There are no electronics, ventriloquism nor sketchy double talk ideas. this really, really does exactly what the description says.

Docc’s Whispering Buddha uses an advanced waking hypnosis and NLP technique that makes the spectator ACTUALLY HEAR THE WHISPERS!  That’s right!

How rare are simple, direct tricks that completely baffle magicians with clever methods while emotionally affecting an audience? This is one of those rare gems. A true reputation maker.

Here’s what you get:

2 templates for printing the special papers

Scripted story and instructions

MP4 audio video recording of the Doccinar

MP3 audio recording of the Doccinar 2 hours long!

Full color fully updated Whispering Buddha e-manuscript

You’ll be able to achieve this truly stunning effect.

Two full hours. Only $67.


The Whispering Buddha (PDF)


The Whispering Buddha Audio(MP3)


The Whispering Buddha Video(MP4)

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