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Window of Your Future Pro Package

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Window of Your Future Pro Package is a combination of a 25 cell mystic window psychic chart and a full book of interpretations to be sold at shows and readings.

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Window of Your Future Pro Package is an impressive book to print and sell at your mentalism show, at psychic fairs or after a private reading.

The method of divination is a super sized mystic window. The window is a twenty-five cell grid. Each row of five numbers add up to the sitter’s number of destiny. Each coulumn of five numbers add up to the same number of destiny. Diagonally, the four corners and the center cel add up to the number of destiny.

The 32 different combinations of five cells that add up to the number of destiny represent a different topic in the sitter’s life. Topics such as health, travel, romance, and the like. Each number in the cell reveals a specific meaning. The accompanying book, The Window To Your Future, explains how to interpret the numerical information in the twenty five cell chart.

This is a back-of-the-room sale that sells itself. The chart is part of the cover and is filled in in moments.

Filling in the chart is explained with a simple formula that can be learned in minutes. This means every chart is different, based on information from the sitter. There are no cells to memorize or black cells to fill in. In fact, there’s no real mathematics needed, just the ability to count. The chart is a numerical yantra and can be filled in in less than a minute. The chart is good for a year. This means the sitter will return with a request for this year’s book and chart.

It’s perfect of quick readings or if you want to use this as a full private reading, the interpretations can easily take up an hour. There’s nothing to memorize, you show their future in the book.

You get:

Detailed instructions

The chart

The pitch book

A complete video Doccinar MP3


Window Of Your Future (PDF)


Window Of Your Future Audio (MP3)


Window Of Your Future Video (MP4)

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